Monday, October 10, 2011

How Do We Break Free? // She Seeks Follow Up

Today I wrote over at She Seeks on the topic of Breaking Free. As a follow up, I wanted to give some practical things we can do to begin to break free, writing prompts on the topic, and other resources you might enjoy. 

What does breaking free look like?
Breaking free can be one of those things that takes your entire life. For most of us, it will. But the key is to remember that there are little victories we have, as children of God, that begin and further that process. 

For example, for the girl who is stuck in an eating disorder, her real prison is insecurity, not the disorder. The disorder is just a failed attempt to break free. But she can begin to break free from the insecurity, but gaining victory over the disorder. She will still have moments where she feels inadequate or not good enough, but she is no longer a slave to her body. 

Another example would be the girl who is blinded by fear. She doesn't accomplish anything, or go anywhere, or dream big, or even vocalize her dreams and passions because she is afraid of failure. But she can begin to break free from that fear by, talking. Talking about her dreams and passions and desires for life. Her goals and callings she feels God has placed on her heart. She will still have moments of paralyzing fear, but she now has truth to spring her forward. 

I am both of those girls. And I know there are many more of us out there. So don't be silent. Let's  talk and help each other break free

Journal/Blog Prompts
-What is it that you are a slave to?
-What is it that is keeping you from exposing your bondage to someone [that you trust]?
-What would you do with your life if you felt utterly and completely free? No holds, no guilt, no shame, just pure freedom. 

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^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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