Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Has No One Written About Ambitious Women & Wives

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Today I googled, "How to be a godly wife and a godly leader...." 
Do you know how many results I got? None. The only articles that came up were either for women in leadership or women as wives, but none of them combined or even slightly approached the topic of the two together. I was discouraged. 

It's no secret that I'm a pretty independent and a go-getter type girl. And it's also no secret that I love being Tyson's wife. But I've recently run into this OVERBEARING dilemma that I can't be both. At least not at the same time. I'm either Miss Change the World or Mrs Morlet; both positions I love dearly. 

However, I got to a breaking point this week where I felt like I wanted to quit all "side projects" and just be a wife. You know, the clean house, dinner on the table and strawberry pie kind of wife. My house was is a mess, the laundry was is getting dusty, there are impending errands that need to get done, and my poor husband has been eating girly yogurt for breakfast way too many days in a row because I can't find 2 hours to go grocery shopping. I feel like my priorities are scrambled and I am desperate for a code to unscramble them.

But it seems like this is a situation no one has addressed yet. I can't be the first wife to be wired like this and feel this discouraged. One of you has to know what I'm talking about and have some answers. It's times like this when I wish Beth Moore and I were B.F.F's. Anyone got her number? 

There is no punchline to this story, except that someday I hope to write that article. I know this season in my life is purposefully positioned to continue this path of growing and maturing, but I felt like this discussion should be laid out onto the table for some discussion.

My questions are: 
-Are you or do you know a woman with this tension dilemma? (Being a wife & Being a go-getter)
-What are your thoughts on this tension? Can it work or not? 
-Any biblical guidance that came to your mind to aid in this process?

**Please keep in mind that I love being honest with you and getting your opinions. Even those of you who may disagree.

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Taught all through video, each session includes an instructional video with me walking you through the lesson, homework for that week, and a journal prompt to complete. Each portion of this course is intricately weaved so that you are engaging your head, heart, and hands through this whole process. 
Sessions Include:

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1: Everyone Can Sing
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2: The Logistics of Singing
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3: A Universal Language
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7: Meet Stage Fright
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Stories, health extras, wallpapers, downloads, and much more fun stuff for you to play with!

Everyone loves music. Everyone loves singing. That's a no brainer. 
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sundays are for Worship // My 4 Go To Worship Blogs

+David Santistevan 
I met this guy through Twitter (oh how I love that bird!). His blog has boomed out of control these days with some amazing content and conversation over everything worship. My favorite article right now is 27 Habits of Effective Worship Leaders

+Vicky Beeching
I've written about this girl before. Her blog is amazing, insightful, and has expanded from worship articles to posts about everything religion and Christianity. Her recent article, What is the Role of Women in Church and in Marriage?, hit a chord with me. You'll love her sweet spirit and booming leadership style. 

A husband and wife duo, these peeps know how to write music and lead worship. I saw them once when I lived in Michigan back in the day. The husband writes on the blog mostly and his posts are...well, let's say controversial. Good discussion starters for sure. Like this post on Why the Christian Music Category Shouldn't Exist. I'd say this blog is less of a "How To" on worship leading and more of a "Think About It" brand. I don't agree with everything, but I keep reading so that I am not ignorant of topics that are relevant today. 

+The Worship Community
A collaboration site with worship leaders from all over. Good insight, interactive segments, and every week you can contribute your Sunday Set List of the week. It's fun to read what songs other churches and cultures are doing! 

Enjoy Reading!

Up for Next week: The Traditions of Worship: Are They Necessary? 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Diana's Love Story // Love 146

**This post is part of our 40 Day Birthday Party. Read more here.  
Ty and I are asking for your support of this organization for our 40 Day birthday celebration. Instead of us receiving gifts, it is our wish that you donate to the freedom, restoration and love of these girlsDonate here

Help us give these girls love. Donate here

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Lovely Links

There are some good links today. Most of them you chose from Pinterest repins or Facebook likes. Happy Reading! 
- - - - - 
I want to buy one of these Pearl Friendship Necklaces for all my friends! (Simply Soles)

Do It Yourself clothing projects are a huge deal right now. These are some of my faves: Lace Heart Cadigan (Sincerely, Kinsey),  Sew Your Own Mittens (A Beautiful Mess).

Goodandlovely is one of those pay-per-month and get a box of goodies type deals. I'm so excited to try this one out. It's easy peasy and if after the first month you don't like it, you can opt out! Tell me if you try it :) (Goodandlovely)

Going to make these delicious muffins for my sister's baby shower next month. I wonder if there's a sugar free version. (Annie's-Eats)

I'm in the market for a new iPhone case. My got damaged in the 30x's I've dropped it. (Etsy)

For any of you dream business starters (like me!), try out this e-course for some guidance and inspiration. (Indie: Compass)

Calling all list makers! Cute stationary for ya. (Life Made Lovely)

This is my dream hair color. One day... (A Beautiful Mess)

And last on the list for this week, this youtube video. Here's the deal. The first time you watch it you'll giggle, the second you'll laugh, the third time, well, just prepare yourself. **Also, despite bleeped out title, there are no cuss words in this film. (Tripp & Tyler)

Oh Friday. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 Steps to Breakdown the Battle of Singing

Photo Credit (altered by JM)
Over enunciate your words. 
You will feel like a clown and if you talk like you're supposed to sing, you will most definitely look like a clown. But it's just the hard facts. Practice saying the lyrics of your song while over enunciating. This will begin to get your facial muscles accustomed to working bigger. Rinse and repeat. 

Win your audience!
A singer can have the best voice at the Grammys but if he/she doesn't engage his/her audience, no one will care. You have to tell them a story, make them see and feel what you're singing about. Practice watching yourself sing in the mirror or video yourself singing. Examine and practice certain facial expressions. You might need to get rid of some too ;)

Use your butt, not your throat.
When reaching for that golden note, the common move is to  s t r e t c h  the neck. This does nothing but damage the vocal chords because of the unnecessary strain. S t r e t c h i n g the vocal chords does nothing because the power comes from the core of your body: Abs, Gluteus and Buttocks. So next time you need to get high, trying squeezing those three target areas and see what happens!

Adequately hydrate your body.
Your voice is most effectively hydrated when you drink water at times other than right before you sing. The average person's necessary water intake is 64 oz a day. One thing that helps me drink that much water everyday is a cup or water bottle with a marker for a certain amount of ounces. It's a simple way to help me keep track. 

Invest in an exercise program.
There are so many options but my favorite is Singing Success by Brett Manning. I have personally gone through the program and saw an improvement in my voice. Most importantly, the program trained me to exercise my voice on a routinely basis. *If you're not ready to make the financial commitment required for Singing Success, you can take my introductory to singing course for less than half the price. More information here

Happy Singing!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where Do You Find Yourself?

People get lost, not only in this big wide world, but also in the dimensions of their own person. 
Then, byway of searching or happenstance, we find us again.

Some find themselves in books. 
Some find themselves in exploration and travel.
Some find themselves in spirituality.
Some find themselves in religion and routine.
Some find themselves in work or their career.
Some find themselves in questions and wandering.
Some find themselves in enlightenment and discovery.

Me, I find myself in relationships and solitude. Both mutually exclusive, yet working together. Confusing I know. 

Where do you find yourself? 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Becoming Girls Conference // My Weekend

For the last three years, I (with an amazing team!) have been putting together a weekend conference for girls, ages 11-18. The vision for this conference was birthed my sophomore year in college when I was counseling a group of 10 middle school and high school students. 

It took us forever to get to know each other and have real conversations outside of High School Musical and boy toys. But when we did, it was as if the floodgates bursted open. These girls shared everything from struggling with eating disorders, to abuse in their homes, to regular teenage insecurity issues. I cried. 

It was burdensome to me how they felt there was no safe place to talk about the "taboo" subjects in their lives. Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Boys. Image. No one really knew those issues were already being discussed among their peers. 

So I made it my mission to create that space. 
At Becoming Conferences, we talk about all of the above and then some. No bars, no limits. I mean, if girls should feel safe talking anywhere it should be the Church, shouldn't it?? Not only can we relate to them, but we have answers! We have the truth and we know the truth sets people free. 

This year our theme is: Becoming a Girl of Dreams.
We want to show girls how there is such hope in Jesus Christ and freedom to dream.

So this weekend I will be teaching, singing, giggling, crying and having the time of my life with 300 girls from all over the states. What do you get to do?? ;) 

- - - - -
*For more information on the conference go here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Writing Prompt :: I Wish Someone Had Told Me

"Hindsight is 20/20," that's what they say right? Especially when you see someone making the same mistakes and choices you did at their age. Looking back, I wish a lot of things. 

Like I wish someone told me being a girl was like being on an emotional roller-coaster that never ended. Forever. 
I wish someone had told me to enjoy being 100 lb. and eating crap food everyday. 
I wish someone had told me marriage would be the best and more difficult feat of my life.
I wish someone had told me my acne would go away. 
I wish someone had told me that my high school sweet heart wasn't the only guy in the world.
I wish someone had told me breakfast was the best meal of the day.
I wish someone had told me to read more. 
- - - - - 

Your turn. 
What do you wish someone had told you?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Story in Aftercare // Love 146

Freedom is both physical and emotional. 
A girl who has lived the majority of her developing years at the whim and torment of wretched men and women is now freed from that slavery. But now what?
She still doesn't sleep at night.
She fears every person who walks into her room. Even though it's her own.
She shutters at the sight of men or money. 
She may be free but her mind still replays those horrid nights. 
She can walk outside whenever she wants now, but she doesn't. 
Her heart is broken far beyond repair. Every piece echoing worry, fear and despair. 
She has never known love. Real, honest, self-less love

Love 146 doesn't just free girls from their physical bondage, they love them back to health. 
This video gives you a window into how that process works. *But be warned: you'll need some tissues.*
**This post is part of our 40 Day Birthday Party. Read more here.  
Ty and I are asking for your support of this organization for our 40 Day birthday celebration. Instead of us receiving gifts, it is our wish that you donate to the freedom, restoration and love of these girls. Donate here

Monday, January 16, 2012

10 Things Your Heart Needs to Hear You Say

1. There is Someone that loves us more than we know.
2. We are not alone. 
3. We are good enough.
4. Even though we are broken, we are still worthy.
5. It's ok to ugly cry.
6. These momentary troubles (though they feel like an eternity) will soon pass away.
7. Fear and worry will not overtake us. 
8. From this mess there will be beauty.
9. Strength is made perfect in weakness.
10. We will be ok.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sundays are for Worship // Love 146

Two years ago I had a dream. It was an awful, awful dream. 
I woke up in tears and sweat and never wanted to go back to sleep again.

I dreamt I was in a brothel, being sold to men for entertainment.
I dreamt I tried to escape, calling on anyone who would help free me.
No one.
Then I woke up and my nightmare ended.
But there are girls in this world whose nightmare is their everyday life. 

They don't get to wake up in a clean room. They don't get to shower off their tears and sweat. They are trapped. Slaves with little hope of ever leaving the dungeon of fear and pain.
And that's just not ok.

**This post is part of our 40 Day Birthday Party. Read more here.  Ty and I are asking for your support of this organization for our 40 Day birthday celebration. Instead of us receiving gifts, it is our wish that you donate to the freedom, restoration and love of these girls. Donate here

*Above photo credit

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Story from Robert Morris, Founder of Love 146

And who is responsible for this appalling child slavery? Everyone. ~Mary Harris Jones

Rob Morris, Founder of Love146, shares his story about the passion God lit inside of him to become an abolitionist for sexual slavery. 

**This post is part of our 40 Day Birthday Party. Read more here.  
Ty and I are asking for your support of this organization for our 40 Day birthday celebration. Instead of us receiving gifts, it is our wish that you donate to the freedom, restoration and love of these girls. Donate here

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Presents, Just Freedom // Love146 + Our Birthdays

Every 60 seconds, two children are sold in sexual slavery.
That is not okay with us.

Love 146 is an organization that has been heavy on our hearts for that 2 years. They are full of passionate, hardworking individuals who have made it the sole mission of their lives to finding, rescuing, and restoring the lives of girls who come from the sex-trade industry. These girls escape or are rescued and usually have no place to go; no home, no family, nothing. They are alone.
Love146 works to provide hope for these girls. They provide homes and support that allows them to start life over. Fresh. Clean. And Loved.
However, there are still over 27 million people trapped in this industry and that is not ok with us.

Today is Tyson's birthday. (Happy Birthday babe!)

For the last two years, he and I have been donating our birthdays (and all the days in between) to freeing, restoring, and defending the girls of Love 146. 

Instead of gifts, we are asking you, our friends and family, to give our gifts to these girls, in monetary form. 

There are 40 days between each of our birthdays, January 11 [Tyson's birthday] and February 21 [Julianna's birthday], and in that amount of time we hope to raise $4000 to give to Love146

This year we are asking you to give these girls our presents in monetary form. You can give any amount by clicking the Donate button below. Will you help us?

We thank you ahead of time for your gifts and are ecstatic that you are in this endeavor with us.

T+J Morlet

To read more of our journey with Love146, click here.

PS. Of course, all your donations are tax-dedictible. 

I'll be posting more on this topic for the next 40 days.  If you'd like to join us in abolishing this modern day slavery, click the Birthday Gift button below.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Great Worship Debate // Sundays are for Worship

"What is worship?" 
An age old question that has both divided and united churches throughout time. 
Everyone has their own definitions and theories about what true worship is, and most are based off Scripture. 

What I love most about the discussion of worship is that it's just that: a discussion. 

Some decide to place staunch limitations on what does and does not fall into the category of worship, but it's obvious that the subject matter is much more broader than that. Jesus summed up all the laws of the Old Testament into two commands: Love God. Love Others. (Matthew 22:36-40) That's it. 

So where does worship fall in those two categories? Is worship, loving God? Or is worship, loving others? Or is worship both? 

What do you think? 
If you aren't sure, ask your worship leaders what they think! 
If you ARE a worship leader, pitch in! 

I'll add my two cents next week :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

For the past two and a half days I have gone through a whole box of green tea, gallons of water, one sugar free peppermint mocha and hours upon hours of television and sleep. At first I thought it was food poisoning. Then half way through day two, I knew we were dealing with a bigger monster.

But you know, as much as I hate being sick, I am grateful for these last few days. They have forced me to sit and do nothing, purely from lack of ability to do anything. I haven't felt this helpless in years. At one point, even the simplest task of brushing my teeth took me down to a full sweat. I've never appreciated so much, the taste of minty fresh.

Today I'm on upswing. Still weak and probably dehydrated but it's a beautiful day. I'm actually awake before 10AM. That's a good thing. This morning when I woke up, the line that kept rewinding in my mind was, "New every morning. His mercies are new every morning." Not to spiritualize the common flu, but when I laid in bed all day, nothing to do and no distractions, my mind couldn't help but wander to prayer. 

Prayer for life. 
For change. 
For family and friends. 
For fears and worries. 
For shortcomings and flaws. 
For joy and peace and hope and love. 

And then there was peace. Not in my body necessarily, but in my mind. 
There is a refreshment in my soul. 

Yes, I may have been physically out for the count these last two and a half days, but it was oh so productive. 

(My Christmas tree may or may not still be up. Let's go with "I've been sick"...)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fridays Links: Makeup, Mint, and Everything in Between.


Radiant Cosmetics is a makeup company that creates for the cause of ending human trafficking. My passion and zeal in life is for this certain injustice. I'm ordering two of their lipsticks tonight! Two of my favorite bloggers have written about it this week. Elsie and Sydney.

I saw these invitations and just about died at how adorable they are. [The Wiegands]

This girl is my business obsession. She is a female entrepreneur and does pretty much everything I want to do. I read her bio and thought, "Did this girl jump inside my brain??" [Made by Girl]

I know I can't eat these caramels, but just looking through the pictures was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. (Ok, not really but the thought was nice...) [Shutterbean]

This is a new site I'm advertising on these days. I only pay for ad spots on sites that I personally love and am a reader of. Kelly Ann is a sweetie and she had me when she wrote, "Messy hair, mexican food, music, compassion, and coffee..." [The Flowerchild Dwelling]

People sell the strangest things on Etsy. [Melissa's Magic Spot]

This color scheme site makes me swoon. My current fave: Minted Tones[Design Seed]

And lastly, this conference is taking over my life for the next 3 weeks. Consider yourself warned. [Becoming Girls Conference]

Happy Friday!

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

Reader Faves.