Friday, January 6, 2012

Fridays Links: Makeup, Mint, and Everything in Between.


Radiant Cosmetics is a makeup company that creates for the cause of ending human trafficking. My passion and zeal in life is for this certain injustice. I'm ordering two of their lipsticks tonight! Two of my favorite bloggers have written about it this week. Elsie and Sydney.

I saw these invitations and just about died at how adorable they are. [The Wiegands]

This girl is my business obsession. She is a female entrepreneur and does pretty much everything I want to do. I read her bio and thought, "Did this girl jump inside my brain??" [Made by Girl]

I know I can't eat these caramels, but just looking through the pictures was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. (Ok, not really but the thought was nice...) [Shutterbean]

This is a new site I'm advertising on these days. I only pay for ad spots on sites that I personally love and am a reader of. Kelly Ann is a sweetie and she had me when she wrote, "Messy hair, mexican food, music, compassion, and coffee..." [The Flowerchild Dwelling]

People sell the strangest things on Etsy. [Melissa's Magic Spot]

This color scheme site makes me swoon. My current fave: Minted Tones[Design Seed]

And lastly, this conference is taking over my life for the next 3 weeks. Consider yourself warned. [Becoming Girls Conference]

Happy Friday!

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