Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sundays are for Worship // Love 146

Two years ago I had a dream. It was an awful, awful dream. 
I woke up in tears and sweat and never wanted to go back to sleep again.

I dreamt I was in a brothel, being sold to men for entertainment.
I dreamt I tried to escape, calling on anyone who would help free me.
No one.
Then I woke up and my nightmare ended.
But there are girls in this world whose nightmare is their everyday life. 

They don't get to wake up in a clean room. They don't get to shower off their tears and sweat. They are trapped. Slaves with little hope of ever leaving the dungeon of fear and pain.
And that's just not ok.

**This post is part of our 40 Day Birthday Party. Read more here.  Ty and I are asking for your support of this organization for our 40 Day birthday celebration. Instead of us receiving gifts, it is our wish that you donate to the freedom, restoration and love of these girls. Donate here

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