Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sundays are for Worship // My 4 Go To Worship Blogs

+David Santistevan 
I met this guy through Twitter (oh how I love that bird!). His blog has boomed out of control these days with some amazing content and conversation over everything worship. My favorite article right now is 27 Habits of Effective Worship Leaders

+Vicky Beeching
I've written about this girl before. Her blog is amazing, insightful, and has expanded from worship articles to posts about everything religion and Christianity. Her recent article, What is the Role of Women in Church and in Marriage?, hit a chord with me. You'll love her sweet spirit and booming leadership style. 

A husband and wife duo, these peeps know how to write music and lead worship. I saw them once when I lived in Michigan back in the day. The husband writes on the blog mostly and his posts are...well, let's say controversial. Good discussion starters for sure. Like this post on Why the Christian Music Category Shouldn't Exist. I'd say this blog is less of a "How To" on worship leading and more of a "Think About It" brand. I don't agree with everything, but I keep reading so that I am not ignorant of topics that are relevant today. 

+The Worship Community
A collaboration site with worship leaders from all over. Good insight, interactive segments, and every week you can contribute your Sunday Set List of the week. It's fun to read what songs other churches and cultures are doing! 

Enjoy Reading!

Up for Next week: The Traditions of Worship: Are They Necessary? 
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