Friday, January 20, 2012

Becoming Girls Conference // My Weekend

For the last three years, I (with an amazing team!) have been putting together a weekend conference for girls, ages 11-18. The vision for this conference was birthed my sophomore year in college when I was counseling a group of 10 middle school and high school students. 

It took us forever to get to know each other and have real conversations outside of High School Musical and boy toys. But when we did, it was as if the floodgates bursted open. These girls shared everything from struggling with eating disorders, to abuse in their homes, to regular teenage insecurity issues. I cried. 

It was burdensome to me how they felt there was no safe place to talk about the "taboo" subjects in their lives. Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Boys. Image. No one really knew those issues were already being discussed among their peers. 

So I made it my mission to create that space. 
At Becoming Conferences, we talk about all of the above and then some. No bars, no limits. I mean, if girls should feel safe talking anywhere it should be the Church, shouldn't it?? Not only can we relate to them, but we have answers! We have the truth and we know the truth sets people free. 

This year our theme is: Becoming a Girl of Dreams.
We want to show girls how there is such hope in Jesus Christ and freedom to dream.

So this weekend I will be teaching, singing, giggling, crying and having the time of my life with 300 girls from all over the states. What do you get to do?? ;) 

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