Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend Links (from the comfort of my bed)

The last couple weeks I've been on the lay low. Most days I don't even open my computer. Finally my husband turned to me and asked, "Who are you?!" 

I'm a tired, bloated, peeing, over-eating, amazingly happy woman.

Yup, that about sums it up.

So, how are you?
- - - - - - - - - -

Here's what I've been reading 'round the Web-o-sphere ~

Nearly everything I've read about working out and pregnancy says something to the effect of "Just keep doing what you were before you got pregnant." I need to find what's out there for the girl who was "walking-to-and-from-Starbucks."

 My recent internet obsession is Alex Bodean. A funny, friendly, and freaking informative little girl she is. If you like photography, business or oogling over pictures, she's your girl.

Shared my 10 Tricks to Fuel Blog Writing over at Blog Guidebook this week. Amazing stuff going on over there.

Well, did he go to church on Sunday? Interesting perspective. What do you think?

Elsie has a new e-course out and I just have 1 question: Who wants to buy this for me for Christmas???

This is our new home church here in Los Angeles. !!

The new show, Nashville, has got me hooked. Acting is okay, music is catchy, autotune is all over the place, but I love it. I don't know why. Storyline I think. Have you seen it? Like it?

Maggie is a new (+adorably preggo) friend of mine. Her shop, Gussy Sews, is to die for. If you like ruffles and pretty colors, you will love her.

What are you reading these days?
*PS. Blogging sched back to norm on Monday :) 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for Change

This season I have an immeasurable amount to be thankful for, but it is all summed up with this guy. These last couple of months, we have been fused together in a new city, a new home, a new job and a new baby on the way. Change is tightly crammed into the Mo home this year. And we wouldn't have it any other way. ~

Monday, November 19, 2012

We're Pregnant: Baby Mo is on the Way!

So, I can finally un-secret my Baby Pinterest Board.
Man Version of this Story:

We're pregnant. 

Woman Version of this Story:

On October 26, 2011 I wrote, 

Today makes 1 year of us trying for Baby Mo #1. And my period has come again... 2 weeks early. I am broken today. And a little lot angry at God. I know He loves me, but I feel so forgotten. A hopefully beneficial thing in all this is that ever since I told our story on the blog, so many women have come out of the wood-works with their own stories of heartache. I was so scared that if I told my world, it would make it all more real. I don't want it to be real. But, God is good. So I'll obey. Because I know He loves me. And He can take this silly girl's anger. --

The last year has been a whirlwind of awkward conversations, ugly cries, jaw-dropping stories from women I would have never guessed struggled with fertility, and little graces of hope. 

Exactly one year later (totally unplanned), October 26, 2012, I opened my journal and scribbled these words, 

I am 2 weeks late. Yet this time around, I have a greater peace. I have not won this battle, but I know, I know with all my heart God's way will outshine my way. Three weeks ago I gave up babies again. This time, with a promise. I told God that I was going to go full speed ahead in life. Between this church plant and the girls conference, heaven knows I can keep myself more than busy. I promised I would move forward if He would promise to give me a warning sign when He was going to allow us to become pregnant. That's all I wanted. I wanted time to slow down. --

Unbeknownst to either of us, a sweet (new) friend gave me that warning. She posted Isaiah 49:15-16 on my Facebook and said she couldn't stop thinking about me when she read it. 

It says, 

"Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you." (Isaiah 49:15-16)

I was afraid to read into it.
I couldn't be.
I JUST said I was going to move full speed ahead. 
Like three weeks ago.
So I wrote it down and moved on. 

Two days later, I was guest worship leading at a new church and was horribly nervous. So nervous, in fact, I threw up in the women's bathroom. That was strange. I don't think I've done that since 6th grade.

That afternoon I slept. For four hours. That's strange. I never nap. 

Ty left for a concert with some friends and I sat on the couch, sicker than a dog, clutching my stomach. There's no way. But I should take a test just in case. But there's no way. Seriously. 

I turned on the shower, dug out that Clear Blue box I'd been saving for a time such as this, and peed on that stupid little stick. All the while, coaching myself through the cyclically familiar grief I was about to relive. 

It's gonna be negative. It's so gonna be neg---

I saw it. It was clear as the sky is blue. That little sucker had a double line.

Without notice, my eyes flooded and my heart began pouring out praise and thanks to my God. I bawled, all alone, in my West Hollywood apartment, because once again, though He didn't have to, He gave me my heart's desire.

That night He reminded me of this: 

Julianna, I haven't changed. I didn't become more good. This isn't proof of my faithfulness, because you and I both know I was faithful before you even took that test. This is proof of my blessings. I. See. You. I. Will. Never. Forget. You. 

No, I replied. No You won't.
- - - - -

Many of you have walked this journey with us and want to say, from every fiber in our beings, thank you. You have cried with us, prayed over us and with us, emailed us words of immense encouragement, fed us dinners and caffeinated us with Starbucks, and we are forever grateful for each of you. 

This baby isn't just for us. He (yes we think it's a boy) is meant for so much more than to be a Morlet child. 

He is meant to show the world just who God is. He will have his own purpose, his own story and his own journey of faith. But in the meantime, we will share this gift with you. ~

Other Details: 
9 Weeks along / Due end of June-ish / Feeling amazingly nauseas / Craving cucumbers / Popping a tiny bit, but it's probably mostly gas. 

Friday, November 16, 2012


It seems like everyone is always waiting for something. 
Birthdays, holidays, vacation or promotions. 
Graduations or job interviews, wedding days and babies. 

We wait. We anticipate. 

I wait. I anticipate. 

Monday is a big day for the Mo house. Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekend Links + A Download

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Things have been a little quiet here. Those that are still here, thanks for hanging with me. It's been a weird couple of weeks, but the end result will. be. worth. it. 

And thanks to you sweety pies of you who helped me with my microdermabrasion dilemma on Facebook. Saving up for the Clarisonic and making an appointment this week.

I went to this conference with my pastor's wife and it was sweet and refreshing. The biggest take-away for me: God, my Father, empowers me to be right where I am. 

Mmmm (Christina Perri) Christmas music.

This is taking most of my time these days and I am LOVING it. These girls are my passion and my inspiration. This year, we're Becoming Brave

Holy salad

I had a moment of shame this week when I realized nearly 90% of my "Food" Pinterest board was dessert. Dessert people. As if all I eat is dessert. 

@LASCANNER is the funniest informative person I follow on Twitter. Hands down. If you live in LA, you need it.

How true is this?

So, What are you doing this weekend? 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Los Angeles Dream Center

In early October, Ty and I got to lead worship for some of the most passionate men and women I've ever encountered. '

It was not a Sunday morning; it was 7:00 Friday morning.
It wasn't in a church; it was in a gym.
The seats weren't any pews; they were metal folding chairs.
The people weren't in dresses and slacks; they were wearing jeans and black t-shirts.
There was no worship band; just one guy, a congo and a guitar.

There was no facade. It was Spirit of God.

We were at the Dream Center.

Our new friends, Steve and Brooke, invited us out because Steve was teaching that morning's chapel. I am not exaggerating when I say God has explicitly anointed and had favor upon the efforts of the Dream Center. In a place where desperation would be understandable, it does not exist. 

For the drug addict, the at risk teen, the pregnant mother, the starving family, the homeless men, women and children, the rescued sex slave, the Dream Center of LA bleeds hope. 

Hope that only comes from Jesus. And I am honored, honored to be in the same city as these folks. ~

More information on the Dream Center:
How it Started
Write a Letter to a Rescued Girl
Youth Center
Adopt a Block

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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