Thursday, August 26, 2010

These College Days.

So many people I know are moving back into their dorms this week. An equal amount are moving into their dorms for the first time. I remember that day. I was both scare and excited about what was to come. The unknown of college life. But I loved it. 

College taught me much more than textbooks and literature.

It taught me the messiness and shakiness of life on your own.

The road less traveled is always funner with the right company {and good music}.

Pranks are always good. 
Both as the deliverer and recipient. Always good. 
I very quickly found out that Freshman class always gets pranked...we're considered the "Grace Babies". Hence, the diapers on the ceiling. I also got baby powder in my blow dryer.

Breakups aren't as hard when you have these goofballs around.
I had just broken up with a guy from back home and they took me to the beach because they know me...Cali girl through and through. Even though it was 30 degrees, it was still sand and water. 

Yes, I can kick a soccer ball away from the goal. 
No, I cannot kick one, into the goal. 
{The beginning and end of my soccer career @ Grace. It was a glorious two years}

If you're nice to your professors, they'll drive you 6 hours to Indianapolis for an NBA game.
True story. John Spooner drove 8 of us students to a greatly anticipated Sonics vs. Pacers game. That's my Pacemate KC. 

Everyone wants to leave their mark. 
You wanna be known for something, whether its as the president of student council or its etching your name with your crushes last name under your bunk. {but i never did that one...}

Educational internships are sometimes weird.
Yes, I chased and caught that chicken at a smart kids school in Michigan.

Graduation comes and goes like your birthdays. So take good pictures.
 There's plenty more where this came from. 

It's true what they say: 
The friends you make in college are your friends for life.

They'll be in your wedding. 
They'll be the first people you call when you're preggo, or buy a new house, or change jobs, or go through a traumatic event. You're stuck with them for life :) In a good way. 

I loved college. I miss it. But i will forever cherish the memories made.


PS. Make alot of videos! Those are the best to watch years later :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Mint of Reminder

Today I went to our local Farmer's Market. The last time I was there was when I came home from college, Summer of '08. I loved it then as I love it now. So many interesting people to watch and talk to. So many varieties of fruits and veggies that I had no idea even existed. Usually I go with a buddy or out of town friend who want the thrills of being touristy in So Cal. But today it was just me. 

I begged Ty to come with me, but churchy duties beckoned him for the morn. I texted nearly all of my friends. The odds were in my favor, but I'm pretty sure the Lord just wanted it to be me, my thoughts, and Him. It wasn't a crazy spiritual experience, nor was it out of the ordinary. In fact, it was just that...ordinary. 

I saw people who made it seem like this was their life. They come to the market every Saturday morning and graze through the plethora of merchants to price out the best of the best. I also saw people who were definitely from the mid-west and the hotter states. With their big funny hats, khaki shorts, and hiking boots. But it was their normal. And of course the So Cal norm is bathing suit top, torn jeans, a bright colored tank, oversized glasses and our signature flip flop {all of which I was wearing}.

We were all in our own ordinary.

As I walked around I knew I had to buy something. I picked up some brightly colored veggies for way below store price. A bag of Chai Vanilla with an "add water or milk" recipe for my dear husband, who will thank me for days...possibly years. An adorably quaint red parasol that I have wanted ever since my mother-in-law got some for our wedding day. And a mint herb plant. 

Now, I am no gardener. I do not pretend to be. The last herb garden I attempted to start fried to death in the trunk of my car due to my absent mind and negligence. But this one will hopefully be different. I told the guy at the market {who ironically was made up of piercings and tattoos} that I was a horrible gardener and have killed nearly everything I have planted. But according to him, I only have to check and water it every couple of days. He's good at what he does. I bought it.

Then I brought home my mint herb plant and set it on the counter, staring at it like a new mommy stares the first time she has to make formula or change a diaper. Or like a child stares at her new birthday bike. How exactly does this thing work? Do I pot it or leave it? Should I water it now or has it already been watered today?

I have decided that my new plant will be my reminder of today. I decided that if I connect some memorable experience to it, maybe I won't let it die. Maybe I'll think of it everyday because I wanted to be reminded of all those people, having a the time of their lives selling, buying, visiting, tasting, and living in the moment. Sure I'll buy that hat, does it look goofy? I'm not really a flower person, but those flowers will light up my house real nice. I've never seen an onion look like that before, I'll take it. Does this dress make my hips bigger? Eh, what the heck.

I'm a horrible gardener, but I'll take that mint plant. 


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

She Speaks: New Stories to Tell

Ever since I moved my blog over I seem to have neglected my main site. Hats off to all you moms and wives that maintain a blog, a house, feed your men and children, and find time with your girls. It's a boat load of work and I think I'm finally starting to get into a bit of a routine with good balance. 

That said, I have updated a number of things on the site. Most recently, my sphere of topics that I have decided to speak on. When I am asked to speak at an event or study, my life story of overcoming sexual abuse is usually what is requested. However in the last year and a half I have had opportunities to branch out a bit and speak on a wider array of dramas. I had so much fun in all of them that I added them to my repertoire.

It is absolutely inevitable that a new stage in life causes new stories to be created. New angles on old memories, bursting excitement on new memories, and perspective on the trials and heartache of both.

Here's how they came about: 

Six months after our wedding day I had this overwhelming passion to get together with wives, new and seasoned, and ask questions, share stories, gain wisdom and practical advice. So I did, with 7 girls that I eat, study, and pray with every week. And from that I have prepared a new topic called "The Newlyweds: What I wish I would have known." 

{I did an abbreviated version of this one here @ a Women's Study in Temecula, CA.}

Also, last October our church put on a Girls Conference for high school and middle school girls and Ty and I got to speak at that. We addressed the issues of dating and not-dating, sharing our mess-ups and how we did it right with each other and what God's Word says about the issue...or does it? :) 

And lastly, I have take on a more official role as Worship Leader in my home church, here in Temecula, CA.  Although I have been leading worship in all sorts of environments and churches for 8 years, this new journey has caused me to sink my teeth even deeper into the wide world of Worship Leading, inspiring me to gather worship leaders together, especially within same cities and valleys, to work together for one goal. Creating an environment where the people of God can see clearly His glory and respond in worship; spurring a lifestyle of such. This has been challenging and invigorating, especially as a girl. Age old lessons and fresh new ideas are rapidly racing through this brain of mine. And I'm loving it.

So if you are ever planning an event or you know someone who is planning an event, please think of me. I love sharing with the masses of conferences and teas, and cherish the times with the small groups and home bible studies. You can email me or comment on this blog to inquire on information and dates and if that date is open on my calendar, I am yours. :)


Friday, August 13, 2010

I Am Broken

"The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise." Psalm 51:17 (NIV)

Brokenness. Such a word comes with automatic connotations. Defeated. Messed up. Unfixable. Yet that is the very state God desires His people to be in. Isn't that odd? When something is broken, we usually get rid of it or throw it away. But God says, no actually I want you broken because it is then that My hand is clearly seen by those around you.  That way the world knows, whatever is coming out of that girl {grace, love, freedom, courage, strength, celebration, joy, etc} cannot be from her because in her life, there is no reason to celebrate. No reason to be joyful. Yet, she is. She genuinely is. 

Think about it. 

Are you broken? 

If not, what walls have you put up and do you have a desire to tear those down?

Are you broken? 

If so, are you allowing God to do His work through you? Or are you in despair?

I am broken. And I confess that I have not allowed God to work through me as He desires. So I'm right there with you. Let's open up. Spill it out. Let it be healed by God's hand only. That way, the world will know we are His and only His. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Writing Places in Hiding.

Lately I have been racking my brain to think of places that would be good for morning, afternoon, and evening write-ins [Definition, "Write-In": a time dedicated to only writing]. So in my daily errand running I have been exploring dozens of new places and shopping centers I never knew existed. I've lived here 8 years...get out much? 

I have tried writing at our neighborhood Starbucks which worked out for a little while. But then I realized I was constantly running into people I knew and the hour or two dedicated to my Write-In turned into 45 minutes of chit chat with friends and acquaintances. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing and was rather quite enjoyable, but on a consistent basis became a bit of a wrench in my book. 

So I'll leave Starbucks to do what they seem to do best. Make good coffee and a good environment to visit with other people. Meanwhile, I was still on the hunt for a quiet, less distractive place. And so far I have found two. 

{I'm not going to post the names because, well you might be compelled to visit me :) } 

One is an old coffee shop under new management with a {serenely green} vibe. I've already made friends with the owner. Sweet girl. When I told her how happy I was that I found a perfect place to write, her face lit up. Then when I told her why it was the perfect place to write [because it was quiet and not alot of people to distract me], she laughed and jokingly said, "Well then you'd better not get too comfy because Grand Opening is coming soon."

Two is a place I had heard of but never actually visited. It's a french cafe that is going to be my afternoon writing hot spot. Super cute and decorated. From the moment I walked and saw the glass case full of goodies and the chalkboard list of decadent drinks, I knew it was meant to be. Plus it has no internet access, which is slowly becoming a curse to my writing skill anyway. The abundance of internet access that is.

So now when you read my book, you'll know that it was written with a ridiculously sized chocolate eclair in one hand and a large cup of smooth organic coffee [with half and half and one sugar packet] in the other. :)

Where are some places you like to go to write, read, or get away? 

Your serene and quiet room or a busy and full of life restaurant?

Small cozy coffee shop or big wide-open park?



Monday, August 9, 2010

Going to the Chapel of Love

It's a beautiful thing when a dear and best friend walks down the aisle towards the love of her the sound of her bridal party playing kazoos.

Seriously. It was fabulous :) 

The whole day was fabulous. From her ruffled ivory dress to her "mismatched" spring colored shoes. But most of all, it was the spirit of the Lord present that made this day memorable, honorable, and precious. 

I have known Jo for a couple years now. I met her @ Rancho on the first day she came. We hung out a couple times after that and I knew we'd be kindred spirits.

My husband and I like to think we are primarily responsible {after God of course} for their blossoming relationship. But details are just details.

The best part of the wedding was that myself {M.O.H.}, Joanna {Bride}, and Emily {M.O.H} graced the evening reception with our own version of "Whatta Man" by Salt & Peppa. 

Oh yes we did. {Video coming}

Our musician husbands were quite impressed :) 

So thank you dear Jo for letting us take part in your beautiful day of holy matrimony. We were greatly honored.  You are going to make a phenomenal wife.

And Danny, you are one lucky piece of trash ;) Jk. Love you too!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

We Hate Moving...

Although you wouldn't think so because in the last 13 months we have moved exactly 3 times. Pretty ridiculouso. Ty and I hate moving with equal intensity but different reasons. Go figure. 
I hate moving because...
1. it requires me to go through all the stuff [aka. crap] that I somehow accumulated after the last time we moved.
2. one of my pet peeves is making multiple trips...that's all moving is. Multiple trips.
3. it makes me sweat.
Ty hates moving because...[in his own words]
1. its alot of work.
2. its alot of change.
3. and it takes too much time and energy.
4. Jules becomes a Nazi cleaner.

This time it only took us 2 days. Well, we made it only take us 2 days, we didn't really have a choice. We got home from our Middle School summer camp on Thursday night around 11:30PM. Got to bed around 1:00AM. Woke up at 9:00AM and started packing like rats. Went to sleep around 10. Woke up and repeat. 

Saturday we had our dear friends [and soon to be married friends] help us most of the day. We owe them big time! It's true, many hands make light[er] work. 

I think where we are now is where we'll stay for a while.

I am way too excited about decorating this place. Super cute and quaint and its a blank canvas. I rummaged through the clearance aisle of TJ Maxx yesterday and found some winning items. Pics coming soon! I finally get to have a "Home" section on my blog!

I'd love for you pro-decorators and crazy creative wifeys to send me decor tips and ideas.

Peace out,

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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