Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Mint of Reminder

Today I went to our local Farmer's Market. The last time I was there was when I came home from college, Summer of '08. I loved it then as I love it now. So many interesting people to watch and talk to. So many varieties of fruits and veggies that I had no idea even existed. Usually I go with a buddy or out of town friend who want the thrills of being touristy in So Cal. But today it was just me. 

I begged Ty to come with me, but churchy duties beckoned him for the morn. I texted nearly all of my friends. The odds were in my favor, but I'm pretty sure the Lord just wanted it to be me, my thoughts, and Him. It wasn't a crazy spiritual experience, nor was it out of the ordinary. In fact, it was just that...ordinary. 

I saw people who made it seem like this was their life. They come to the market every Saturday morning and graze through the plethora of merchants to price out the best of the best. I also saw people who were definitely from the mid-west and the hotter states. With their big funny hats, khaki shorts, and hiking boots. But it was their normal. And of course the So Cal norm is bathing suit top, torn jeans, a bright colored tank, oversized glasses and our signature flip flop {all of which I was wearing}.

We were all in our own ordinary.

As I walked around I knew I had to buy something. I picked up some brightly colored veggies for way below store price. A bag of Chai Vanilla with an "add water or milk" recipe for my dear husband, who will thank me for days...possibly years. An adorably quaint red parasol that I have wanted ever since my mother-in-law got some for our wedding day. And a mint herb plant. 

Now, I am no gardener. I do not pretend to be. The last herb garden I attempted to start fried to death in the trunk of my car due to my absent mind and negligence. But this one will hopefully be different. I told the guy at the market {who ironically was made up of piercings and tattoos} that I was a horrible gardener and have killed nearly everything I have planted. But according to him, I only have to check and water it every couple of days. He's good at what he does. I bought it.

Then I brought home my mint herb plant and set it on the counter, staring at it like a new mommy stares the first time she has to make formula or change a diaper. Or like a child stares at her new birthday bike. How exactly does this thing work? Do I pot it or leave it? Should I water it now or has it already been watered today?

I have decided that my new plant will be my reminder of today. I decided that if I connect some memorable experience to it, maybe I won't let it die. Maybe I'll think of it everyday because I wanted to be reminded of all those people, having a the time of their lives selling, buying, visiting, tasting, and living in the moment. Sure I'll buy that hat, does it look goofy? I'm not really a flower person, but those flowers will light up my house real nice. I've never seen an onion look like that before, I'll take it. Does this dress make my hips bigger? Eh, what the heck.

I'm a horrible gardener, but I'll take that mint plant. 



Anonymous said...

I think mint is a pretty durable plant. Our neighbors have mint and it grew into our backyard. We do nothing to it and yet it still comes back. And i'm sure if you take care of it, it'll take care of you. :)

The Skinny on Getting Thinny said...

you are very gutsy...I have a "brown thumb" like you and I killed a bamboo! I mean really, how can you kill one of those, but I did! Good luck on the mint. I hope to have lemon mint tea delivered to me in Hemet :) hehe

Julianna Morlet said...

Anon- thank you! :) that is quite encouraging. the guy said it is a pretty aggressive plant as well.

Skinny- i didnt know you could kill bamboo! but i would have done it too :) i have one lemon mint tea coming up.

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