Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Writing Places in Hiding.

Lately I have been racking my brain to think of places that would be good for morning, afternoon, and evening write-ins [Definition, "Write-In": a time dedicated to only writing]. So in my daily errand running I have been exploring dozens of new places and shopping centers I never knew existed. I've lived here 8 years...get out much? 

I have tried writing at our neighborhood Starbucks which worked out for a little while. But then I realized I was constantly running into people I knew and the hour or two dedicated to my Write-In turned into 45 minutes of chit chat with friends and acquaintances. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing and was rather quite enjoyable, but on a consistent basis became a bit of a wrench in my book. 

So I'll leave Starbucks to do what they seem to do best. Make good coffee and a good environment to visit with other people. Meanwhile, I was still on the hunt for a quiet, less distractive place. And so far I have found two. 

{I'm not going to post the names because, well you might be compelled to visit me :) } 

One is an old coffee shop under new management with a {serenely green} vibe. I've already made friends with the owner. Sweet girl. When I told her how happy I was that I found a perfect place to write, her face lit up. Then when I told her why it was the perfect place to write [because it was quiet and not alot of people to distract me], she laughed and jokingly said, "Well then you'd better not get too comfy because Grand Opening is coming soon."

Two is a place I had heard of but never actually visited. It's a french cafe that is going to be my afternoon writing hot spot. Super cute and decorated. From the moment I walked and saw the glass case full of goodies and the chalkboard list of decadent drinks, I knew it was meant to be. Plus it has no internet access, which is slowly becoming a curse to my writing skill anyway. The abundance of internet access that is.

So now when you read my book, you'll know that it was written with a ridiculously sized chocolate eclair in one hand and a large cup of smooth organic coffee [with half and half and one sugar packet] in the other. :)

Where are some places you like to go to write, read, or get away? 

Your serene and quiet room or a busy and full of life restaurant?

Small cozy coffee shop or big wide-open park?



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