Tuesday, August 17, 2010

She Speaks: New Stories to Tell

Ever since I moved my blog over I seem to have neglected my main site. Hats off to all you moms and wives that maintain a blog, a house, feed your men and children, and find time with your girls. It's a boat load of work and I think I'm finally starting to get into a bit of a routine with good balance. 

That said, I have updated a number of things on the site. Most recently, my sphere of topics that I have decided to speak on. When I am asked to speak at an event or study, my life story of overcoming sexual abuse is usually what is requested. However in the last year and a half I have had opportunities to branch out a bit and speak on a wider array of dramas. I had so much fun in all of them that I added them to my repertoire.

It is absolutely inevitable that a new stage in life causes new stories to be created. New angles on old memories, bursting excitement on new memories, and perspective on the trials and heartache of both.

Here's how they came about: 

Six months after our wedding day I had this overwhelming passion to get together with wives, new and seasoned, and ask questions, share stories, gain wisdom and practical advice. So I did, with 7 girls that I eat, study, and pray with every week. And from that I have prepared a new topic called "The Newlyweds: What I wish I would have known." 

{I did an abbreviated version of this one here @ a Women's Study in Temecula, CA.}

Also, last October our church put on a Girls Conference for high school and middle school girls and Ty and I got to speak at that. We addressed the issues of dating and not-dating, sharing our mess-ups and how we did it right with each other and what God's Word says about the issue...or does it? :) 

And lastly, I have take on a more official role as Worship Leader in my home church, here in Temecula, CA.  Although I have been leading worship in all sorts of environments and churches for 8 years, this new journey has caused me to sink my teeth even deeper into the wide world of Worship Leading, inspiring me to gather worship leaders together, especially within same cities and valleys, to work together for one goal. Creating an environment where the people of God can see clearly His glory and respond in worship; spurring a lifestyle of such. This has been challenging and invigorating, especially as a girl. Age old lessons and fresh new ideas are rapidly racing through this brain of mine. And I'm loving it.

So if you are ever planning an event or you know someone who is planning an event, please think of me. I love sharing with the masses of conferences and teas, and cherish the times with the small groups and home bible studies. You can email me or comment on this blog to inquire on information and dates and if that date is open on my calendar, I am yours. :)


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