Monday, August 9, 2010

Going to the Chapel of Love

It's a beautiful thing when a dear and best friend walks down the aisle towards the love of her the sound of her bridal party playing kazoos.

Seriously. It was fabulous :) 

The whole day was fabulous. From her ruffled ivory dress to her "mismatched" spring colored shoes. But most of all, it was the spirit of the Lord present that made this day memorable, honorable, and precious. 

I have known Jo for a couple years now. I met her @ Rancho on the first day she came. We hung out a couple times after that and I knew we'd be kindred spirits.

My husband and I like to think we are primarily responsible {after God of course} for their blossoming relationship. But details are just details.

The best part of the wedding was that myself {M.O.H.}, Joanna {Bride}, and Emily {M.O.H} graced the evening reception with our own version of "Whatta Man" by Salt & Peppa. 

Oh yes we did. {Video coming}

Our musician husbands were quite impressed :) 

So thank you dear Jo for letting us take part in your beautiful day of holy matrimony. We were greatly honored.  You are going to make a phenomenal wife.

And Danny, you are one lucky piece of trash ;) Jk. Love you too!


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