Thursday, August 26, 2010

These College Days.

So many people I know are moving back into their dorms this week. An equal amount are moving into their dorms for the first time. I remember that day. I was both scare and excited about what was to come. The unknown of college life. But I loved it. 

College taught me much more than textbooks and literature.

It taught me the messiness and shakiness of life on your own.

The road less traveled is always funner with the right company {and good music}.

Pranks are always good. 
Both as the deliverer and recipient. Always good. 
I very quickly found out that Freshman class always gets pranked...we're considered the "Grace Babies". Hence, the diapers on the ceiling. I also got baby powder in my blow dryer.

Breakups aren't as hard when you have these goofballs around.
I had just broken up with a guy from back home and they took me to the beach because they know me...Cali girl through and through. Even though it was 30 degrees, it was still sand and water. 

Yes, I can kick a soccer ball away from the goal. 
No, I cannot kick one, into the goal. 
{The beginning and end of my soccer career @ Grace. It was a glorious two years}

If you're nice to your professors, they'll drive you 6 hours to Indianapolis for an NBA game.
True story. John Spooner drove 8 of us students to a greatly anticipated Sonics vs. Pacers game. That's my Pacemate KC. 

Everyone wants to leave their mark. 
You wanna be known for something, whether its as the president of student council or its etching your name with your crushes last name under your bunk. {but i never did that one...}

Educational internships are sometimes weird.
Yes, I chased and caught that chicken at a smart kids school in Michigan.

Graduation comes and goes like your birthdays. So take good pictures.
 There's plenty more where this came from. 

It's true what they say: 
The friends you make in college are your friends for life.

They'll be in your wedding. 
They'll be the first people you call when you're preggo, or buy a new house, or change jobs, or go through a traumatic event. You're stuck with them for life :) In a good way. 

I loved college. I miss it. But i will forever cherish the memories made.


PS. Make alot of videos! Those are the best to watch years later :)

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