Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Story in Aftercare // Love 146

Freedom is both physical and emotional. 
A girl who has lived the majority of her developing years at the whim and torment of wretched men and women is now freed from that slavery. But now what?
She still doesn't sleep at night.
She fears every person who walks into her room. Even though it's her own.
She shutters at the sight of men or money. 
She may be free but her mind still replays those horrid nights. 
She can walk outside whenever she wants now, but she doesn't. 
Her heart is broken far beyond repair. Every piece echoing worry, fear and despair. 
She has never known love. Real, honest, self-less love

Love 146 doesn't just free girls from their physical bondage, they love them back to health. 
This video gives you a window into how that process works. *But be warned: you'll need some tissues.*
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