Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

For the past two and a half days I have gone through a whole box of green tea, gallons of water, one sugar free peppermint mocha and hours upon hours of television and sleep. At first I thought it was food poisoning. Then half way through day two, I knew we were dealing with a bigger monster.

But you know, as much as I hate being sick, I am grateful for these last few days. They have forced me to sit and do nothing, purely from lack of ability to do anything. I haven't felt this helpless in years. At one point, even the simplest task of brushing my teeth took me down to a full sweat. I've never appreciated so much, the taste of minty fresh.

Today I'm on upswing. Still weak and probably dehydrated but it's a beautiful day. I'm actually awake before 10AM. That's a good thing. This morning when I woke up, the line that kept rewinding in my mind was, "New every morning. His mercies are new every morning." Not to spiritualize the common flu, but when I laid in bed all day, nothing to do and no distractions, my mind couldn't help but wander to prayer. 

Prayer for life. 
For change. 
For family and friends. 
For fears and worries. 
For shortcomings and flaws. 
For joy and peace and hope and love. 

And then there was peace. Not in my body necessarily, but in my mind. 
There is a refreshment in my soul. 

Yes, I may have been physically out for the count these last two and a half days, but it was oh so productive. 

(My Christmas tree may or may not still be up. Let's go with "I've been sick"...)
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