Saturday, May 14, 2011

RePost: It's Crafted for You

*This is a repost from about 5 months ago but I re-read it today and it gave me a new sense of perspective & peace about where I am in my life right now. I hope it does the same for you.*

Right now I'm reading a book called "Permission to Speak Freely" by Anne Jackson. I started the introduction last night and read through 13 chapters this morning. She writes with raw, uncandy-coated words, communicating the imperative need for the Church to allow its people to be real. Honest. Open. And struggle through life. She says:

"It's my opinion that many times we [the church] have been given easy answers that may temporarily act as good advice, but we aren't cookie-cutter humans, and those easy answers won't satisfy a story that's eternal. A formula will not work in the long run. Sometimes a formula won't work at all. Discovering why we feel trapped by fear or shame, and how God wants to begin to heal our brokenness, is a personal journey that nobody on the face of this earth has the right to define or say how it should look in order for it to be true. 
Your journey is providentially crafted for you."

Ah, I love that! My journey is crafted for me. Your journey is crafted for you. How comforting is that? I am mentoring this sweet dear girl and I told her about this this morning. [I'm not the best mentor...I'm learning. It's hard being a mentor, but probably harder being my mentee ;)] But we met this morning and talked about life, love, and other mysteries and I ended our convo with that quote. Her journey is providentially crafted for her. I'm not here to dictate or control her steps [though sometimes I feel compelled to]. Rather, I'm here to walk along the sidelines, coaching her along, but inevitably the decisions are hers and ultimately God's. This makes me smile uncontrollably.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. {Pr 16:9}

So wherever you are, whether in despair or absolute joy, know that God is guiding you. He is doing a work in you. That work might feel like he's blowing up a brick building with dynamite sticks, but He's working nonetheless ;) He is giving you passions and desires and He will be faithful to bring those to fruition. 

PS. It's Youth Weekend @ Rancho this weekend and it's gonna be goooood. I'll post media [aka. pictures and video] tomorrow. They have some pretty funny behind the scenes from them :) 


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