Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rancho Community Women's Retreat 2011

{Photo from Jeanne Oliver}
Last weekend I spoke and sang at a women's retreat put on by my home church. There was alot of baggage and discouragement leading up to it [if you remember my Letter to Satan you know what I'm talking about] but once I got there, set up and took a jump in the pool, there was an wave of peace that began to settle in. It was going to be ok. Everything was going to work out.


Everything MORE than worked out. Here are some highlights:

-An All Girl Band: My band was made up of an amazing group of girls and we pretty much killed it. Below is a video of us rehearsing Nothing But the Blood for Bluegrass Saturday. 

- Being with my mom and sister: I love my family so much. Something happens when your family grows up and all the kids get married. The relationship changes, mostly good, but I cherish more the moments we take a couple hours out of our day to be with each other. Lucky for me it was a whole weekend. 

- Sharing Our News with Everyone!: No, we're not preggo. Well, kind of ;) We're looking into adoption! The last couple of weeks leading up to the women's retreat were challenging, but now I know why. God was preparing my heart and giving me a new story to tell @ my Sunday speaking session. That story is one of adoption. Ty and I have felt that God is calling us to adopt a baby before we have our own. It will be a long journey, but we trust that since He put it in our hearts, He will make a way clear. Yay! 

- The Sunshine & Pool-time: For this girl, nothing beats laying in the sun and chit-chatting with friends. We stayed at La Quinta resort in Palm Springs. This place is G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. The rooms are comfy and homy, there is a pool in the center of ever 8 rooms, the grounds are impeccably kept and blooming right now, and the service is quite hospitable. Sum up: very very good. 

- Seeing lives change right before my eyes: From Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, I saw women change. I saw their thinking expand, their lives begin to heal, and their hearts melt for the things of God. We are still hearing story after story of women who left knowing, hearing, and becoming a different person because they encountered God. Makes my job SO utterly and completely worth it. 

All to say, it was a good weekend. Can't wait for the couple retreat in September. Ty & I get to lead that one together. Woot woot.

Here are some pictures for your seeing pleasure: 
//Pictures taken by Emily @ Oopsie Daisie Photography//

Happy Tuesday! Eat some tacos. Everybody's doing it. 


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