Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop Trying to Be Valuable.

For the next couple days I'll be MIA due to excessive reading, writing, and studying. This is my last couple of days before our women's retreat and I have a zillion loose ends to tie up. I'm posting tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday and will have a guest blogger for Friday Feature...who is it gonna beeeee? 

But for now a poem that shook my soul. This is so me.

I Made You
[A poem by Melody Ross]

I took a stroll and then a walk, a thought at first and then a talk
I said "just look how fast I go, if you watch someday you'll know"

I walked with blisters, couldn't quit, No rest, no strength but not there yet
I knew there was so much to learn, so much to do with His love to earn

I picked up speed and started to run, I raised my eyes and spoke at the sun
"You see! I'm worth it, look at me! If I do enough, someday you'll see"

"Look" I said, "I'm climbing now! I'll keep it up and prove somehow
That I'm a good one, you will see. Someday you'll be so proud of me!"

I got so tired but couldn't stop, I had to race right to the top
It couldn't be so far I knew, I had to show what I could do

Things so bleak, a trail so rough, wanting to prove that I was enough
Beaten down and cold and shot, but what if I waste this chance I've got?

I climbed then crawled when I couldn't walk
A though at first and then a talk, I'll climb until I reach the top

When I get there can I finally stop...

[Then he said]

Who told you that you had to climb? 
Who told you you weren't just fine?
Who told you that it must be earned?
There is so much that you need to learn

I loved you when you strolled and thought
You've always had the things you've sought
There's nothing that you have to do, to prove to Me
For I made you

I know what you can do, you see
Just do you best and breathe and be
And stop the proving just to show
For these are things I already know

Walk if you want and run if you choose
Climb if you must, you've got nothing to lose
But do it for joy, rest along the way
If you need answers just kneel and pray

Do your best and know what's real 

Stop climbing when you cannot feel

And turn and look into the sky
And watch the birds and how they fly

And know that every part of you 
Was created with all that's good and true
There's nothing that you have to do
To prove to Me
For I made you

Happy Tuesday! 

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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