Friday, May 6, 2011

#Follow #Friday: Worship Edition

Today's #ff is of some worship peeps I follow [on a regular basis] on blogs and twitter.

The great Vicky Beeching.
This girl has immense insight on worship and amazing hair. I envy her hair color. She is really good about blogging on topics that compel people to discuss. For example: Should non-Christians be on your worship team? or Should your weekend musicians be paid? or What worship monsters are you afraid of? These are topics that every worship leader [and team] struggle through and every church holds a unique stance. I'm not going to give you my opinions today, but I think these things are super important to discuss. {Follow her on twitter here.}

Next is David Santistevan. I just found this guy through a twitter list [thanks to Laura for the twit help!] and can't stop reading his material. His blog is very focused on aiding worship leaders and resourcing them with conversation, advice, tips, and content to grow them as musicians, people, leaders, and children of God. A couple of favorites are 15 Things You Might Not Want To Say To Your Lead Pastor, Confessions of a Worship-songaholicHow To Plan An Effective Worship Set AND Flow in the Spirit, and When Does Worship Become Just A Performance? Good stuff David. {Follow him on twitter here.}

Last is Kari Jobe. Oh Kari. I cannot tell you how anointed this girl is. I was first exposed to her when we introduced The Revelation Song to our congregation. God placed a calling on her life as a young girl and it is evident in everything she does. Although she doesnt have a blog, I learn from this girl every time I watch her lead. Her love for Jesus beams from her face and her enthusiasm for glorifying God comes through the passion in her voice. I especially have learned from the way she connects with those she is leading. She isn't commanding nor is she removed. She invites with her eyes, her face, her hands and her voice. These are my favorites from her: You Are For Me & Healer{Follow her on twitter here.}

Hopefully that gives you a plethora of reading and watching to keep you busy :) Happy Friday & enjoy! 


^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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