Friday, May 27, 2011

#Friday #Follow: What's in my iPhone

In light of my new single being available now on Amazon and iTunes, this week's #Friday #Follow is my current music faves. I have a ton of music in my iPhone right now that I'm listening to on constant repeat. And I always get asked about the type of music I listen to. So I figured I'd use this week to show you what's in my iPhone. Ready???

**I have HEARTED all my favorites, although on all of these the whole album is my favorite. But I chose just for your sakes :)

You can't go wrong with this girl. Her album was on repeat for like 2 months after it was released. Such passion and "umph" comes through her music. Love it. But you already know that due to this rant ;) 

Brooke Fraser
I first heard this girl from Hillsong and wanted so bad to sing like her. Then I realized she was from Australia and that was probably never going to happen. haha. While her worship stuff is impeccable, her single/solo music is equally as captivating. Her most recent album is my favorite. Very different from her other stuff. I'd say its more catchy.

Jessica Andrews
Everyone has "the music that got me through high school". For me, it was Jessica Andrews. Country, of course, but her music was always so hopeful and lovey dovey and pretty. What every teenage girl likes. I only have one song in the iPhone right now, but this post reminded me I need to add more :) Her song Summer Girl was a dorm fave in my college days

Katharine McPhee
I really really really really really wanted this girl to win American Idol! She was my favorite in the very beginning. I was happy for her that she got 2nd at least, but she totally owned Taylor Hicks with her Over the Rainbow bit. [Sorry Taylor & Taylor lovers.] She finally came out with a new album earlier last year and I love it. More edgy and raw than anything she's done so far. Good work Katharine. {Ps, I really like your blonde hair!}

Death Cab for Cutie
When I was first introduced to these guys, I didn't like them. I thought they were too weird. I didn't like how "electrical" their music sounded. But, they grew on me and are now one of my favorite bands. If you like Owl City [all you youngins] you'll like these guys. They own Owl City. [And by "own" I mean, "are way better than..."]

She & Him
I actually just found out about this band last night from some of our dear friends. We were talking about music, naturally, and one of us mentioned Zoey Deschanel from Elf and they informed us that she's married to the lead singer from Death Cab [Ben Gibbardand she has her own band called She & Him! So I bought album today and will be listening to it all the way home from SD tomorrow.  

So that's what in my iPhone right now. What about you? Any new music I should check out??? I hear Civil Wars is good too but haven't gotten a chance to listen yet. 

Happy Friday and Memorial Weekend. 
Thank you to all those who give their lives in service for our freedom. Special shout out to my cousin Ryan for his service in the Army!

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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