Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Legend of a Visionary

I cried last night when I read this. Not because I knew Mr. Jobs or that I even felt super connected to him, but because this somewhere there is a family, mourning the loss of their father, husband, grandfather who left this life way too early.

This man changed the course of history, and we got to watch. Many people are saying he was the Thomas Edison of our time. It's totally true. He completely revolutionized the way we work, play, and communicate. My communication with the world all happens on Mac products. 

But the craziest thing about Mr. Jobs, is not how he changed the world, but that he changed the world. 

He saw years ahead of his time. He had vision. He had drive. He dreamed of a world where people would communicate with style and ease and productivity. 

But it started in a garage. With a buddy and an old computer. 

So, today I'll be mostly inside my own head, thinking what dreams do I have that I am  deeming as impossible or too crazy? What visions am I seeing that I hesitate to share or put on paper? 

I want to be known as a visionary and leaving a mark on this world. But as Mr. Jobs demonstrated, I can only do that by looking forward. Always thinking how I can make the world better to the best of my ability. 

Today, I am both sad and inspired. Probably like the rest of the world.


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