Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Practice Makes Permanent

Everyone says practice makes perfect! But a wise friend once said, "Actually, it only makes perfect if you practice the right thing. You can practice the wrong thing...therefore, practice makes permanent." 

True that.

But the act of practicing is an action word, therefore does that mean that it's intentional? Like you intentionally wanna do well in a certain area or skill. Can practicing be unintentional? Or is that just a bad habit? 

I feel like I'm learning a whole new world of practicing. You grow up thinking practicing is limited to intentional actions and new ventures or hobbies: music, schooling, sports, etc. But I realized tonight that you pretty much have to practice life. And sometimes you practice the wrong thing and have to RE-practice it right. 

So I figured I'd document the 2 big things I am currently practicing wrong [and working on practicing right] and 2 big things I'm practicing right. 

Practicing Wrong
-Housekeeping. I've tried and tried to get a routine down, but I've been practicing it flippantly and sporadically. Therefore, 2 years later, I'm still cleaning flippantly and sporadically. 
-Reading. I wish I read more but I'm not a super good reader. And I am not a good reader because I get bored easily. And I get bored because I read slow. And I read slow because I don't read a lot. And the cycle comes full circle. That's a tough one for me to admit. I use to LOVE reading. Like, a lot. But practiced not for so long that I lost it. 

Practicing Right
-Writing. I write pretty much everyday, a couple times a day. I have never written this much in my life, but what they say is true, the more you right, the more naturally it comes to you on the big stuff. My 4 different daily writings have helped out a ton with this. 
-Singing. You can never be too good to practice the things that come naturally. I sing everyday and really workout my voice once or twice a week. 

I wanna be good at life. I wanna took look back and be able to say I did the best with what I had and gave it my all. I don't feel that way entirely yet, but I hope to get there. Practice right? ;)

What's your take on this practicing perspective? 

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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