Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My 4 Types of Daily Writing

I write four times a day. Nothing crazy or anything but I try to make these four types of writing part of my daily routine. I think routine is important in the life of a writer. It makes the creativity more fun. So here they are:

 So so so so so so so important. Did I mentioned how important it is. Journalling got me through high school. And college. It was my own secret personal space that I could write with no obligations, no prompts, no critique. Most of the time my entries start out as an observations and end up as prayers to the Lord. Both pleas and praise. Journalling is, in my humble opinion, such a benefit to our writing minds. It lets us process our days and weeks and months. This type of writing is exercise. 

Oh man. I love my Venting Book. Not because I like to vent, but because of what it has done for my conversations among people. When I have something to vent about [rightly or wrongly], I write it down and it allows me to get everything out before I come into contact with people. haha. Otherwise I know that I will not be present in that conversation. My mind will be wandering back to whatever it is the irked me and I tend to weave it into my conversations somehow. I don't like it about myself. But it's reality. So, I vent write. Try it. And tell me what you think. 

This is the only daily writing that becomes a little more difficult if I am not inspired. This is actually the writing that drains me the most. I'm a novice book writer so I'm sure there are so many things I'm doing wrong or that I can be doing better or little shortcuts in the whole process that I have yet to learn. But til I figure them out, it's been a long process. This is the marathon process of my whole writing world. 

You. I love writing for you. Though some bloggers would argue that we write for ourselves and others get to read it. But I half-ly disagree. I think we do both. I like writing for you. I like knowing what you're going through and writing specific to it. I like hearing your feedback and suggestions for the blog. I like that this is a place more of conversation and less preachy or journally. You are my favorite type of writing. 

So that's a little bit into my writing brain. I like keeping my writing separate and then seeing it all melt together. For example, my debut post for She Seeks came from an excerpt in my journal. Another example, my book ideas came from your responses on the blog. 

The sky is your limit. But only if you pick up a paper, a pencil, or computer and write. 

What are you writing lately? I wanna read it. 


^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

Reader Faves.