Friday, August 12, 2011

#Friday #Follow // Reader's Edition

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From Jeanne Oliver, a beautifully written post to her mother. I love it when people write about their mommas. It's like you get to see a little more into their life and where they came from. I teared up reading this because it reminded me so much of my mom. I love hearing that mom's pray for their kids

From Kathryn White, a piece about reaching that point where you look around and see the overwhelming laundry list of to-dos in your life. There's not a fiber in your being that wants to be responsible. You just want to stop and be still. I'm not recommending it as a default, but I think sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to let the laundry go undone, the dishes unwashed, the suitcases still packed and just be still. 

Dooce is one of my favorite, most relational writers. However, some of her stuff is a little well, questionable in tone and perspective, but I really like her none the less. She is a "work from home" mom and her husband is able to be home as well as her writing is their family business. This is her little viniette on working from home. For your watching pleasure.

Happy Reading and Happy Friday! Go see a movie tonight. Preferrably The Help.


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