Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Teenage Saga

My dear mother and I are beginning the writing process of our new
E-book. One year at a women's retreat I sang at, a woman came up to me [now, a close friend] and asked, "What did your mom do to make you the way you are?" And I replied, "She prayed for me." 

She prayed for me. 
She prayed for her. 
She prayed for my dad. 
She prayed for my brothers and sisters.

She prayed that we might sharpen and fashion one another to become who we were intended to be.

My mom isn't perfectly perfect. She doesn't have it all together. But she is perfectly imperfect. She knows she cannot do this life on her own. And like the rest of us, she had to learn the hard way. 

I'm way excited for this book because it will be a healing process for me and for her as we solidify our relationship but also we share our own deepest pains of adolescents. When I was a teen, I never in a million years took the time to imagine what life was like for my mom as a teen. I never in a million years even considered that she had been a teen. My mom was once a teenage a girl! What was she like? What did she do? Who did she date? What did her and her friends do for fun?

As I start to think about the idea of motherhood [no, we're not preggo], it's like I've discovered a whole new level sheer panic. How on earth am I going to raise a teenage girl...especially if she's anything like me!? 

So actually, I'm writing this e-book for me. haha. So I can re-read my mother's wisdom and my experience in about 20 years. I don't want to forget these crucial years full of emotion and 20/20 insight. 


We're gonna need some input from you:

To Mothers: What do you wish you knew about raising a teen daughter? What glaring issues are your facing head on right now? 

To Girls: What do you wish your mother new about you? What glaring issues do you wish your mom would and wouldn't talk to you about?

To Dads [yes, you're a big deal in this too!]: What do you wish you knew about raising your girl? What subjects do you wish you could find a "how-to" manual on? 

Please please please leave some comment love or email me @ We want to give you something you'll use. 

::Sigh:: Ok, time to sing. 


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