Thursday, January 13, 2011

Give a Coffee's Worth.

I told myself I would never do this.
Everyone does it.
I thought it was a shame tactic.
Now I'm doing it. But not as a shame tactic.
I'm doing it because I was sorely convicted. 
I'm doing it because, because I'm guilty.
This is my fetish. This is my obsession.

In November I'm pretty sure I had a Gingerbread latte at least every other day.

**This is not to say that buying coffee is bad. On the contrary, buying coffee is good because it stimulates the economy. Plus, Starbucks is for fair trade coffee. So that's good.**

But I am asking you for just this month, or even this week, or even just today, spare the coffee and give these girls the chance to be free.

A chance to live free of fear.
A chance to live free of abuse.
A chance to live free of torment.
A chance to live free, full of hope, and new love.

Our Goal is $3000 and we need $2789 left.

Give a coffee's worth.


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