Saturday, January 1, 2011

Come On In.

Welcome to the newness of JM. 

I have to admit, the finishing of this re-working process has refreshed my passion for this blog. My excitement level is equivalent to unwrapping that little box on Christmas morning [because we all know the best things come in little packages].

This page is the product of hours of work, dozens of opinions, fun creating times, and a whole lotta research. Take a look around and make sure to let me know what you think! 

Comment below if you see something that doesn't quite fit, something I should think about adding, or confusing navigations. 

With that, here are my 2011 New Year Resolutions:

-Finish the first draft of my book.
-Write @ least 1 of 3 e-books.
-Lose the wedding weight. :)
-Start our creative workshops.
-Finish writing my new album.
-Learn to like sushi.

For some of us this year is our Ctrl + Alt + Del button. 
For some of us, this year is the continuation of the best year of our life. 

For some of us this year will bring great joys and greater triumphs.
For some of us this year will bring such sorrow and utter disappointment.

For some of us this year will fly by just like the rest.
For some of us this year will drone on into what seems like an eternity.

For some of us this year will be one of significant discovery.
For some of us this year will be one of significant loss.

But for everyone, this year will be another year added to the timeline of our seasoned lives. And when we look back we'll see how invaluable this year was to the making of who we became. 

Happy New Year dear friends & family. Happy sweet New Year. 



Leigh said...

The new design looks great!

Julianna Morlet said...

thanks leigh! how was your new year??

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