Friday, January 7, 2011

40 Days to Celebrate.

::Special announcement from the Morlet Household::

There are exactly 40 days between Tyson's birthday and my birthday. His being January 11 and mine being February 21. This last year of marriage has been an amazing time of revelation for us. We feel that our hearts have been urged to take make a bigger dent in our finances, resources, and platforms for charity organizations. 

Before we were married, Tyson began sponsoring kids with World Vision. His heart was to see every kid have clean water, food, and be able to learn. After we got married, my heart broke when I was exposed to Love146 and the tragedies of child sex-trafficking [read that story here and here]. There are things happening [or not happening] in our world that we are just not ok with. 

So with all this we've decided that for our birthdays we want to invite you to celebrate our 28 [Ty] and 23 [Me] years of freedom, health, and life by giving others a chance to have the same. 

We are asking You, our friends, family, and readers to help us raise $3000 by donating $28 or $23 [or whatever amount you are able to] to Love146 on behalf of our birthday gifts. We want nothing more. [Want more info on this cause: go here]

Celebrate with us. 

You can donate by clicking the button below or the birthday message under my header [It'll be there for the 40 days :)]. 
We thank you ahead of time for your gifts and are ecstatic that you are in this endeavor with us!

**Feel free to 
and whatever other "re"s there are now.

*If you have any questions please feel free to email!


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