Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Resolution Evaluation.

Last year I made {3} Resolutions thinking that would give me more focus. Now that 2011 is upon us and its time for some evaluation, well, lets just say that I know me. So instead of me evaluating, making excuses, fudging the details, doing it myself I had Ty do it. I gave him full permission to be honest and he jumped at the idea...a little too quickly.

So here they are: my husbands grades on my 2010 Resolutions. Don't judge.

1. Become a good cook:: A

Lets put it this way: this year i put on about fifteen pounds! My wife has become such a good cook this year, further proving that marriage is not only rewarding but fattening as well.

2. Become a better student:: F-

The words "EPIC FAIL" come to mind. Julie did about ten whole minutes of homework in 2010.

3. Write More:: A++

If writing was working out Julie would be a body builder. 2010 has left us with hundreds of unfinished (but started) journals, hundreds of blog posts, brainstorming on ebooks, one e-course, and several chapters of her book.

-Ty [her loving husband]

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