Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Obsessions: Pearls+Lattes+E-Courses

Pearl Necklaces
I always thought pearls were a bit old school. My mom use to make me wear them on picture days and to church on Easter and Christmas. I wore one single pearl necklace on my wedding day that belonged to my mom. I just recently started loving the full strands. Forever21 has some good costume ones. Just FYI. 

Gingerbread Latte's [with 1/2 the sweetener]
Mmmm. If you follow me on Twitter or FB, you know I love taking pictures with these babies. Sooo yummy. Then one day when I decided to cut back on sugar, I asked my barista if she thought it would taste good with 1/2 the sweetener and she said oh yea. [Exact words] And she was soooo right. 

I found this pretty lady in a round about way through the giant world of bloggin'. Been following her for about 6 months and she does these blog e-courses for her followers. Well when she came out with one for Bloggers I signed up in a heart beat! Alot of the information is good for new bloggers, but I've learned quite a bit about aspects of blogging I've never even put thought into. This has also inspired me to do a Blog Course of my own

Send your obsessions my way :)


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Genee' said...

My new found obsession is TEA! I love it! And there are so many good things that come from drinking it. There's a website called and it explains the health benefits of drinking tea. Pretty awesome.

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