Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Writing Spaces.

I wish someone would write a book just on the best places to write. I guess that'd be hard because everyone had their own favorites. I have a few of my own but I feel like I need some new ones. I read this article where this lady like to only write in her office. 

But as I search and search for new places and ideas to write, I am at a loss. I've searched the world wide web on keywords like "writing places", "where to write for inspiration", "writing spots", etc. I have yet to find advice on writing spaces. 

I guess I have built up in my mind that inspiration comes from my surroundings. Which is truth, but my surroundings cannot dictate when I do and do not work. I am realizing that if these books are ever going to get finished, I have to work no matter what. I cannot wait for the perfect weather, the perfect coffee shop, or the perfect hours because they will never come. All at once that is. 

My writing hero [Julia Cameron] has really good insight into the lives of writers. What they should and should not look like. I am thankful for her experience and expertise in this field. Her take on writing is that, just like everything else, good writers practice writing. It's not %100 inspirational. Some of it is bogus, wordy, informal, scattered everyday stuff. That's why she does Morning Pages. It is a no pressure sure way to write. 

So I'm finding the setting doesn't matter as much as the discipline. A writer practices just like a singer warms-up and a soccer player runs laps.

However, due to the lack of Writing Settings, here are some of my ideas :) 



Coffee Shop

Library or Old Bookstore

Mom & Pop Restaurant 

Now, go & write. 


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Leigh said...

I don't have a designated writing space per se but I do much of my writing while sitting on my living room couch. I tend to have a mug of tea or glass of water handy, maybe a snack, maybe a CD playing but TV tends to be too distracting for more serious pieces. I have an inspiration board up in my office and hope someday a chaise will be near it so I'll do my writing in there.

I've been meaning to go through The Artist's Way for awhile! It's always nice to run into a Cameron devotee.

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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