Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MBSW: Centerpieces Extraordinaire.

The wedding is 3{ish} months away...and counting. We all busy as bees around here. Writing, making, planning, brainstorming, throwing out. haha. 

Last week we went to a dress fitting for my brother's fiance [who is practically part of the family and has been since high school] and I just about died when she put on her dress. It was gorgeous. Then, coincidentally, my baby sister's dress had come in so she tried hers on too and I was in tears. Two siblings getting married within {3} months of each other! It's exciting times here let me tell you. 

Today's MBSW piece is on the dreaded but crucial ::centerpieces:: 

I remember this was the hardest part about planning my wedding. Deciding what exactly you want to put in the spot that your guest will spend the majority of their time and attention [except for on the bride of course]. 

My sis is finding that is drawn to the tea-party aspect of this wonderful tale. We've been collecting vintage tea cups from the local thrift stores and finding some amazing treasures! The main colors are navy and antique blue with greens as the accents. Sophisticated. 

So if you have any ideas or suggestions of where we could get more tea cups, we need ALOT. 

Happy Wednesday.



Leigh said...

Goodwill or any thrift shop worth its while should be a good source for you. I'm guessing they don't all have to match?

Julianna Morlet said...

yea we've tried to hit all the ones here in town but i think its time to venture out of the city :) and no they don't have to match. thanks!

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