Friday, December 31, 2010

Your Resolutions

//Erica// Less texting and driving.... maybe it should be NO texting and driving. Baby steps.

//Kathy// Continue working towards a life delighted first in HIM, hopefully 20 lbs healthier, and more home cooked meals for my family!!

//Katie// To get closer to God (:

//Tyson// To start a blog. [oh yea]

//Amber// To not make any resolutions.

//Andrew// Instead of viewing priorities as a hierarchy, this year I resolve to commit fully to each of those things for which I am responsible.

//Lexi// to cut off all junk food--for 6 months. lets see if i can make it that long first

//Jess// Stop drinking Starbucks! Lose 10lbs for my wedding. :) Save money..... I feel like those are all tied together somehow!

//Crystal-Lee// I want to be a diligent wife, & work toward becoming an independent makeup artist.

Be looking for these all day! Plus my husband's evaluation of my 2010 Resolutions. Eeek!


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