Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family Traditions.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. And for those of you with snow, I envy you. Snow @ Christmastime is so much more magical. This weekend has been a blur of hustle and a good way. But amidst it all I realized how much I love my family traditions, old and new. 

I think traditions are an important stone in the building of my life. 

I love traditions. 
I love the unity they bring in a family.
I love the memories they so sweetly re-illuminate every year. 

I love starting new traditions with my new family. Like me and Ty driving around with our full steaming Starbucks drinks [Ty: Chai Tea Latte + Me: Gingerbread Latte], searching for Christmas lights to marvel at. This year was the best drive. :) 

I love old traditions. Like opening presents on Christmas Eve upstairs in the big room with the big tree and my family. Paper strewn everywhere, little kids squealing with pure joy, older kids laughing at the same seasonal jokes, and grandparents snapping pictures. 

I like the new tradition with Ty's family of Pj Morning Christmases. We all spend the night in one house and wake up to my niece's pleasant surprise that Yes, Santa came to San Diego and yes he is messy when he eats his cookies! [Shh, she doesn't know yet.] 

There's also the tradition of Christmas music in October,
eating ALOT of food,
making scrumptious tamales,
playing the "find the pickle on the tree" game,
reading the Christmas story,
asking deep philosophical questions,
getting into at least one political debate,
and singing {4} services at church

Traditions keep memories alive.

Let's keep making them. 


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