Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello Friends, Meet Motivation.

Lately I've needed a little extra motivation to get myself writing. Some call it writer's block, I call it writer's laziness. I've tried rewards systems but with my spoil me husband, those haven't worked out so well. [Kinda glad...shhh.]

But today when I was supposed to be looking for a new dog bed and spice rack @ Home Goods, I saw this and just had to have it. 

It's an hourglass [the clock is already mine haha]. A real life hour glass. I've never seen these sold anywhere. I'm sure they're probably everywhere but I've never seen them.

So I bought it [$9.99] and am ordaining it my Writing Glass. I have to sit and write until that crisp white sand runs all the way through til every little grain has cleared the landing.

I'm pretty excited. It makes writing a little more fun when you add new things to the mix. Like everything I guess, routine can get monotonous. Now when I write, I smile again.

How do you change up your everyday routines?


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