Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MLSW: The Bling.

Bridesmaids are wearing black dresses so that makes the accessorizing a playground of sparkles & shine. Oh yea. We spent way too much money [thank goodness for gift cards] @ the 21 today and bought all the bling. 

Three of the six BM dresses have a bow on the front, so we figured we'd skip a necklace on these and spruce up their gorgeous arms with some bangle fun.

Two of the six dresses are strapless and no bow so we went with a longer necklace to lengthen their "line".

And then of course everyone gets ring bling. Rings are my favorite part of dressing up. I'm so glad costume jewelry came back with a vengeance. There are so many options everywhere you go! Here are some potential winners. 

The rabbit one on the end is what my sister is wearing for her engagement shoot. Very Alice in Wonderlandy eh? 

My jewelry has yet to be discovered, but I finally have my dress! Pics coming soon. It was only $34 @ the 21. Love that place!

Time for bed. I will dream of weddings tonight.


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