Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sundays are for Worship // Preachy Christians

**This post is more of a confession than an exhortation. It was intended to be a dialogue, and I'm hoping it remains so. Let's just call it an intended encouragement confession conversation. :) All that to say, here we go. 

Christians can be preachy. No surprise there I'm sure. In fact, I think most people have come into contact at some point in their lives with "that Christian" who inevitably turns them off to Christianity. 

I think I was that girl in high school. I didn't realize it until I got married of course. When there's someone in your world 24/7 that sees both good and bad, pretty and ugly of your every day life. And when you get to a level of authenticity and accountability with that person, healthy advice should naturally emerge. Well, with Ty, it did. And he told me, flat out I was being judgmental.

He said it in a loving way of course, but it stung a little. Ok, a lot! No way was I being judgmental. I was just stating fact...right? Nope, I was being preachy. It was a healthy burn for me because it caused me to think through what I think. It caused me to evaluate the way I portray my convictions and how they affect hearts around me. 

Is my burdened heart really burdened or condemning? Is my care and concern being covered by disapproval or my disapproval covered by care and concern? 

I have had to apologize to quite a few friends from high school. They lived through the fumbling of my heart and convictions. Though I am grateful for that time of learning, I would do those years differently the second time 'round. 

I would be less preachy and more lovey. I would find a way to show my heart more. 

It makes me sad that people say things like "I love Jesus, just not the Church" or "Christians talk about love but hate those who don't agree with them." And it makes me even sadder that I may have contributed to that at one point in my life. But though Christians aren't perfect, we are called to love. You don't have to be perfect to love. We can make mistakes and still be known to love. 

And I'm figuring this out with ya. I don't have answers quite yet, but maybe soon. Maybe I'll do a blog series on this one. Hmm.

They will know you are Mine by your love for one another. - Jesus


^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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