Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Mountain Vacation in Photos

Vacay photos as promised :) It was once said, "A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in." And that's pretty much what we did. No agenda, no places to be. We ate pie for breakfast and marshmallows at midnight. We slept in til 11 and went to be at 8:30. It was amazing. 

Our fearless 6 hour driver.
I scoured for yellow boots, but only black ones. They were good though.
My attire for the week: Sweatshirts and ball caps. #heaven
1) We had a marshmallow eating contest. 11. That's all I can say.
2) This was the river our tent was next too. No joke. It was heaven!
3) Just me and my no-heat curls.
4) Tom's Place milk-shake. Yummmmmy. Faaaaatening. 

For all you haters out there, [you know who you are] I caught a fish
AND I cleaned it. Yes, yes I did. But never again. 

The BEST pie place ever. The one pictured is cherry. But I had coconut. !!
1) We read. Alot. I got through this whole book. And I recommend it.
2) And Ty watched Harry Potter. Of course. 
This picture was a toil in my mind to share, but I had to because my legs
got SOO disgustingly dry that I would put lotion on and it wouldn't rub. It just
disappeared in the abyss of my leg. And that's never happened to me before.
So it was worth sharing. Don't judge. 
Read 'em and weep. It's gross I know, but I was stunned when I saw that
the hard core fishermen use these guys. Bleh.
Friends. Old and new friends. 
[Not that you're old Jen, just that I've known...never mind.] 
Overall, our trip was so fun. Relaxing, restful, exciting, and fresh. And I'm glad to be home. In my own bed with clean clothes :) 

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