Monday, July 11, 2011

//Guest Blogger// Amber Pitts: Marriage Myths

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Marriage Myths?

Introducing this week’s blog series: Marriage Myths, I’m only going to address 4 specific topics...although  there are maybe hundreds! Yes, hundreds, yet these are the 4 that boggle my mind the most. 

The first one, tomorrow’s post, is really the one that that bothers me most. It’s actually the one I feel is the most detrimental in marriages & goes against the very most important act a woman can do toward her husband (in my opinion), which is to encourage your husband. Although that last statement was geared toward women, this first myth, as well as the other three, are intended for both husband & wife.

So why the topic of marriage myths? 

I honestly believe we have accomplished false expectations for our marriages that are formed from an over-abundant amount of romantic movies, love songs (esp. country music!) & magazines that have made their homes in our minds & birthed themselves into a false reality.

Once this has happened, it is then we need to realize how distant we are from reality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against entertainment (favorite chick flick: You’ve Got Mail. I love John Mayer & Taylor Swift [but not as a couple], & am a chump for Real Simple & Women’s Health), only what you do with the entertainment & the lack of discernment while enjoy it is what can trap somebody into the mentality I’m  attempting to address. If you let it define your world view & determine your marriage, you're only setting yourself up for false expectations (expectations=invitations for disappointment) & a tremendous amount of disappointment in your marriage which leads to being discontent in life.

It’s my hope & prayer that if you find yourself relating to anything over the next few days, that you will seek to bridge the gap of false-expectations to reality.


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