Friday, July 15, 2011

//GB// Marriage Myth #4

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Myth #4: People Don’t Change
But when they do, screw the marriage & screw the wedding vows. Right? Wanna know most common thing I’ve heard from broken marriages? Sadly: “I loved him so much. But he just isn’t the man I feel in love with 12 years ago, he’s changed so much.”

Newsflash: So have you.

At least let’s hope you grew up from when you were married @ 23. Truth is, people change. They grow up, they appreciate different music, different food and different aspects of life as they learn life. The best part about it is growing together

We haven’t learned anything if we are fooled into thinking our spouse is going to be the exact same person from when we first married them and fell in love, esp. if we exclude ourselves from thinking we haven’t changed. “Through good times & bad,” circumstances and hardships are bound to arise that we can chose to allow to make or break our marriage. 

Fighting for your marriage means allowing each other to mess up and not be perfect. Life changes & life changes us.

Fight. Fight hard. 


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