Wednesday, July 13, 2011

//GB// Marriage Myth #2

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Myth #2: We’re gonna be in love forever!

I call it the fairy tale stage. I also call it infatuation. It’s totally there, you will always love each other, but will you always be in love with each other?

Maybe for some couples yes, but for other couples, myself included, I love my husband in a completely different way than I did during that fairy tale stage, and I love him more now than I did then. After 10 years together I have seen him in an entirely different way than when we first began dating. I love his quarks and I love knowing what can make or break him as a person; that is such a privilege that only I have attained. Being together for so long, we have grown to know each other in ways that other people will never know. 

There is something so much more intimate and personal about this confidential knowledge than the fairy tale of infatuation that nothing on earth can compare to. When you first begin dating, the unknown about each other is intense and full of anticipation and excitement. And then, through the early years of marriage, you come these prior mysteries about your spouse become the daily rewards and quirks of married life. You have studied them and can actually anticipate their needs, sometimes even before they can.

A love that has been enriched by joys and sorrows; by the experiences of shared sufferings and loss—as well as disappointments. This is a completely different love that is only generated by years together.

It’s the difference between a love tempered by time and one teased by mystery.


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