Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Obsessions: Anthropology Style

Last night my sister facebooked me this telling me how much so wanted to get it for me, but was afraid it'd be a bit creepy. [You all know about my giraffe fetish.] It's creepy, but I still love it. That then spiraled me into a wild romp around the store's website and I found some amazing things. And I wanted to share. Anthropology is one of my favorite stores that I haven't bought anything from :) 

I'm a bit of a cheapskate so spending a giant amount of money on anything is ridiculously heard for me. My husband loves it, but sometimes I wish I wasn't so hesitant to {save} and {spend} on quality home goods. One of these days. 

But until then, here's to wishing.
{1} The Non-Planner Journal: for the non-planning planner. It should be called the Julianna Morlet journal. Little Otsu presents a cheeky little journal with pre-printed prompts that help you to keep track of your research, lists, journal entries, secrets, ideas, venting, things to remember, things to forget.. {2} What to Eat notepad: In the event that i actually plan out our weekly meals, I'll use one of these. Maybe I should get one first and I'll be more motivated to plan. Jot down your mealtime plans for the week, whether your forte is cooking, going out or ordering in. There are also boxes to plan for lunches and snack attacks {3} Q & A Journal: I LOVE this journal. I don't have it, but I'm going to get it. I love making history and time capsules and memory books. I think this is something I'd want to write with my children in mind. This beautifully embellished journal lets you record thoughts, feelings, and events in your life over five years. Filled with prompts that are at turns provocative (How happy are you?), quirky (What can you smell right now?), and always interesting, it serves as a great way to look back in time and remember.

{4} Rosette Quilt Comforter: So pretty. Especially since I'm re-doing the colors in our room to grey and minty green [with some possible hints of yellow]. {5} Sethunya Sheet Set: Perfect for minty green eh? {6}One Lump or Two Lamp: How cute is this lamp?? I'd use a minty green or grey and white shade instead of the brown, but you get the idea. 

{7} Swimming Hole Ring Dish: Why you ask? Well, because it has a giraffe on it. That's why. {8} Hello, Goodbye DoorKnob: I've never seen anything like this. It's quite a conversation piece wouldn't you say? I am a fan of one of a kind products. {9} Illusorio Console: Aka, the coffee table. I have been aiming for the rustic look in my living room. Darker woods with the rusted iron gadgets. {10} Conservatory Chair Here's that rusty wood again, except with my accent colors: red and yellow and green tones. Nature is always a winner. {11} Battersea Sofette: In yellow. oh snap. How perfect is this couch? The slick and shininess is what grabbed my attention. Very romantic.

Happy Saturday!

PS.  I'll be tweeting in real time from all 5 Easter services this weekend. Follow me here.
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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