Friday, April 22, 2011

#Follow #Friday

Oh snap the weekend is here and I am in love with this weather, no matter how bi-polar it is this year. When I moved back from college in the mid-west, I swore there were two things that would always bring me back to Cali no matter what: family and the weather. Sure its cheaper to live in other states, and sure there are beaches on the East Coast, but there's nothing like California. ::Sigh::

On that note, I have been "surfing" the web like a crazy person this last week. I've stumbled upon so many good blogs and etsy shops that I just couldn't wait for Follow Friday. So here are they. Grab a glass of lemonade and enjoy.

Happy Reading!

This girl is a designer. A good designer. I think I found her from someone else's blog roll [i should start keeping track of that!] but I initially visited her site because of the name ;) I love names but was pleasantly surprised at the content on her blog. I mean, how adorable are these little magnets. Small enough for those of us who like a clean fridge but still something ya know?

Speaking of magnets, this girl has these polariod ones! Ambrosia Girl is a graphic designer and a mom. A very deadly combo, especially for all you momma blog readers out there. She has some cute ideas of activities and projects for kidlets. 

Between her shop and her blog, you could spend a whole day with this girl. [Plus the music on her site is amazing. I leave it open just for that ;)] I go to this girl for inspiration and a little kick in the butt. This post has been a recurring visitor in my writing world. She teaches classes too! Check those out.

This girl is a blogging genius. She's super duper organized and shares her organization and techniques with us! For free! :) 

Of course I had to add a writing on in there. It's what my life is right now.
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

Reader Faves.