Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Ever Changing Seasons

When one goes into marriage, no matter how many preventative measures one takes, expectations exist and expectations are not met. There are a big fat unexpecteds (that's not a real word. I made it up) in marriage. And that's ok. It's normal. We sometimes freak out when life (married or not married) changes or catapults into a new and unanticipated season, those feelings are normal but the season itself is normal too.

Ty and I are in an unexpected season of change. If you don't know us yet, we both work in ministry. We both lead worship. It is what initially introduced us to each other. It's what we're both passionate about. It's what we do.

But as of january 2011 we lead worship at two different churches on opposite sides of our city. It's just for a season but we don't know how long that season is yet. Yet, in a time where we should be the most disconnected, I believe Gods grace has been sufficient. With all my heart I believe that. It's still really hard; especially when I sat through the marriage series without my dear husband. I was a little sad, but that sadness quickly evaporated when I envisioned the faces of the people he was blessing at that moment. My husband is a powerful worship leader. His heart for the Church comes through in anything and everything he does. And if I really believe that God leads us and guides the direction of our lives, then I rest in knowing He is using my Ty to do His will. And that my friends, makes me a proud wife.

Moral of the story: we're learning this with you. Some seasons of marriage are just plain inconvenient and difficult. But Gods grace is sufficient. And this too will pass.

{Ty @ Covenant Grace}

{me @ Rancho Community}

What season is your marriage in?


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