Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Memory with Mom // Fancy Friday Writing Prompt

Remember this post I did with the prompt from the Love Feast Table? Well this month I've signed up to be a hostess! Which really means I tell you about it and your write this time too! 

This month's Fancy Friday theme is:

Share a time with or memory of your mom, where life was Beauty Full.
*Feel free to use the above JM prompt photo.

The link up date is this Friday, April 27

On Friday, come back here and I will direct you to the page where you share your post link.  
Oh, and as if this wasn't fun enough, they're giving away this super cute pillow
Questions? Comment or email me!
Have fun writing!
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Here's the breakdown from Love Feast's site:**

What:   Every last Friday of the month, we will host a Fancy Friday Link Up. The theme for each month will be posted by the 15th. Once you get the theme, we want you to be as creative as possible! You can write a post, a poem, a song, (on your blog) create a Pinterest board or even write a post on your facebook page around the theme. We want these Fancy Friday Link Ups to be used as a Creative Prompt to get your juices flowing! Then come here, on the last Friday of the month and link up your post. For fun, we will be hosting Fancy Giveaways, from our LoveFeast Shop,  for those who participate!
How:   To break it down…

Step 1 — Write your post including your Fancy Friday Creative Prompt and make sure to  use "Fancy Friday" in the title of your post.

Step 2 — Insert the Fancy Friday badge into your post. 

Step 3 — Click the inlinkz frog button at the bottom of the current Fancy Friday post and follow the instructions. (*Make sure you add the link that links directly to your Fancy Friday post.)
Step 4 — Come back and join again every last Friday!

Fancy Friday
*Flowers in picture above are courtesy of Tyson Morlet Apology Agency. 
^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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