Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photographing December 8th

These pictures bring me to tears. 
A couple months ago, our friend Emily went into pre-term labor. Like PRE-pre-term labor. Baby Bronte was born at 29 weeks gestation and her making past a couple days was very slim. For nearly a month, Emily and her husband couldn't even hold their baby girl. She was too small, too exposed, and too fragile. 
Her story went viral on Facebook and the family started a blog to keep everyone updated. There were people praying everywhere for this little girl. In the last month or so, Baby Bronte started showing signs of healing and growth and the doctors said she might be well enough to go home by Christmas! Then Monday, Em posted they were coming home this week!

Because Emily delivered so early, she never had a baby shower. However, living in the community of girlfriends that we do, we all rushed, posted, called, and planned to get the Graebner home ready for them by the time they got home. I cannot tell you how overwhelmed with gratitude I was by the response from so many people! Floods of money, clothes, swings, car seats, diapers, wipies, bottles, everything you can think of for a newborn was provided to this family. 

So that's what I photographed today: Community. These photos represent a community of people who decided to be the Church and welcome home a weary family with celebration and provision. 

Dang it I'm crying again! So amazing. 

So dear Graebners, you are loved. So so very much. 

Your Church Family. 

***Read Brontee's full story here
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