Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Traditions: A *Guest* Blog Series

Today I leave for a week vacation into the snowy mountains of Utah. This trip is going to be inaugural for  my siblings and I because it will be the first vacation we take with all our spouses. Three of us got married within two years of each other, and two of those (Brother & Sister) were this year! So I won't be posting this week but I have some friends who will be! 

I am a fan of tradition and memory making so I asked 7 friends to share with us their favorite tradition(s)  their family does around the holidays. 
Here's what's on the schedule:

Tuesday: IMAX, Ornaments and Bingo 
by Misty Gatlin
Misty is a Twitter friend of mine. When I heard about her, I was immediately captured by her heart for girls. She writes for numerous blogs and has written a book on the subject. 

Wednesday: It's Not Christmas Without Tamales 
by Crystal-Lee Howley
Crystal-Lee and I know each other from church. She sings with me in the weekend band and her and her husband have become good friends of ours. Oh yea, and she did my makeup for my wedding! She's good peeps. 

Thursday: A How-To on Tamales 
by Marissa Bryson
Marissa, "Missy" as I called her growing up, is my youngest aunt. Only 13 years older than me, I feel like we've lived as peers more than anything. I look up to her so much and most of my style, likes and dislikes can be attributed to her :) She was a role model to me. I love her and I think you will too.

Friday: Documenting Christmas Dinners 
by Laura Tremaine
Laura is a blogger I've followed for quite sometime. She has been a guest on JM in the past  and you guys liked her so much I just had to bring her back. She just gave birth to their second baby. She writes on her journey through motherhood, the ins and outs of being married in the entertainment business, and lazy beauty tips [my fave!]. 

Saturday: Remembering the Old and Learning the New 
by Aislin 
Aislin is a new friend, also from Twitter. She caught my eye by all her quirky posts about her full time nanny job and I thought, I've gotta know this girl. She's hilarious! She blogs about the adventures of being a nanny over at Scribble By A.

Sunday: One Big Day of Little Traditions 
by Tamara Clare
You might remember Tamara from the Real Life Women of God series. I call her my "Memory Friend" because she is the epitome of taking life slow and making memories along the way. You should see her house: picture frames everywhere! She oozes a tender spirit and gentle love. 

Monday: Cake on Christmas Day 
by Tammy Hodge 
And to wrap up the series is this beautiful woman whose tradition, I think, envelopes the whole meaning behind Christmas. All with cake. Who doesn't like cake?! Tammy is a women who loves the Lord with everything in her, but she is real. No fancy words, no Christian-ese, just exploring the things of God in plain English. 

*At the end of each post there is a BIO on the writers and where you can find them.
*Also, I will still be Photographing December, but I won't post to the blog for this week. You can follow and play along on Instagram [search: themorlets] or Twitter [search: juliannamorlet]. 

Have a good week dear friends. I will be drinking hot cocoa, catching up on my reading and snowball fighting for the next 7 days. 

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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