Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Links

Modern Embroidery: I'm not a big embroidery person, but this girl makes me want to learn her style. [365 Lucky Days]

I want a pet deer! [Pinterest]

A few of you have been asking about my #sugarfree diet trial and I just want to say, I feel better than ever. Read the book. It's good. [Sarah Wilson]

Our annual Girls Conference is coming up so my whole life is glitter right now.

December 7th is Bestie-Day...did you know that was a thing?? [Hello Giggles]

Minus #6 and #14, I am in love with this list: Things that Make Me Feel Sexy & Shouldn't [Hello Giggles]

My recent blog find that I read, nearly every day. I hope you like her as much as I do. [Hula Seventy]

Don't forget, if you want to join Photographing December, the list is here. We're also doing it on Instagram. Find me! My name on there is: themorlets 

Happy Friday! 
Drink your favorite holiday beverage today..besides Eggnog. That stuff's disgusting. 

^^^Opinions, two-cents, questions and ramblings are welcome. And go above. Go ahead. Try it.

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