Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Photographing December 6th

*Feel free to play along in our Photographing December Project. The list is here. Let me know if you do because I want to see your pictures! Email me: juliannamorlet@gmail.com
This is just my first cup of the day. [I'm not sure why I'm glowing red in this pic...] The "home" cup from my little coffee maker in my bedroom. Yes, I have a coffee maker in my room because it serves as a little mini incentive to get my booty out of bed. 

My second cup was on my way to my Tuesday morning staff meetings; or as I tweeted earlier, the Christian SNL [but barely Christian]. Everyone at staff has Starbucks on Tuesday mornings, minus our worship leader. He drinks Capri Suns. 

I LOVED seeing all your Starbucks pictures today :) Can't wait to see the ones with your baristas! haha. 

Happy Tuesday.

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