Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Photographing December 7th

*Feel free to play along in our Photographing December Project. We're only a week in! The list is here. Let me know if you do because I want to see your pictures! Email me:
We got so many of these cute little ornaments for wedding presents and at first I thought about given them away to other friends who had gotten married the same year as us. But then, as I was developing pictures, I realized we have so many cute/funny/memorable moments from that first year that I wanted to use all of them! So I did. This is my favorite one. 

Our first Christmas we did bought a live tree. We figured every couple has to experience a live tree at least once. And we were right. Only once. haha. No more live trees for the Mo's. Too much maintenance and mess and it didn't even smell! I swear they spray that scent on the lot...

Happy day 7! Drink some cocoa today, it's chilly. 

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